Joe Biden Predicts That November Election Will Be Postponed By Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, can see the writing on the wall.

He knows that his chances of victory against President Donald Trump in November are dwindling every time he speaks and with every new assault allegation.

And now he is promoting conspiracy theories to create a fake controversy about the president postponing the election to get the attention off of his sexual assault allegations.

The former vice president predicted on Thursday that President trump would use the coronavirus pandemic to postpone the November presidential election, Fox News reported.

“Mark my words, I think he is going to try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can’t be held. That’s the only way he thinks he can possibly win,” Biden said in an online campaign event.

Biden said that the president has blocked emergency funding for the United States postal Service as part of an effort to undermine the election

“We have to make it easier for everybody to be able to vote, particularly if we are still basically in the kind of lockdown circumstances we are in now,” he said.

“But that takes a lot of money, and it’s going to require us to provide money for states and insist they provide mail-in ballots,” he said.

And who would hand count these mail in ballots? How would we know they were done by the people who send them in?

And how would we know that someone does not change people’s votes or votes for someone else if they are not present?

That is why President Trump is against mail-in voting as a normal process for everyone as opposed to how it is currently used for those who cannot go to the polls in person.

He said, “you get thousands and thousands of people sitting in someone’s living room signing ballots all over the place…I think that mail-in voting is a terrible thing.”

“It shouldn’t be mail-in voting,” he said. “It should be: you go to a booth and you proudly display yourself. You don’t send it in the mail where people can pick up. All sorts of bad things can happen … by the time it gets in and is tabulated.”

The news of Biden’s prediction came after Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top disease expert in the United States, said he could not assure that it would be safe for people to go to the polls and vote in November.

“I hope so, Jake,” he said of people being able to vote when he spoke to CNN anchor Jake Tapper. “I can’t guarantee it.”

And Fauci is not the only person who has said there could be an issue with voting in November if the pandemic strikes again.

“But experts warn that even with relaxed absentee rules and months to prepare, scaling up to satisfy a deluge of absentee ballot requests will be a herculean task for states and counties — and that local governments will need far more than the $400 million in emergency assistance Congress allocated in the CARES Act,” NBC News reported.

“If you’ve only got 6 percent vote-by-mail and you go to 50 percent, there are enormous challenges,” Rice University Prof. Robert Stein said.

“From securing a vendor to print the ballots to getting the ballots mailed, opening ballots with gloves, checking signatures, counting them — and then doing it all on Election Night by 9 p.m. You have to bring in far more people. It’s a daunting resource problem, in terms of both people and money,” he said.

There are major issues with that much of the population voting by mail and there is no way to believe the votes would be accurate.

If the Democrats are concerned about the reliability of the election, they should be calling for it to be postponed.

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