Adam Schiff CAUGHT Lying On Live TV – He’s Toast

California Rep. Adam Schiff, a top Democrat and the man who appears to be taking the reigns on the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, has been caught lying again.

The Schiff Show, as it has been named by many who have watched the impeachment inquiry on live television, has been cast with character straight from a spy novel and the California representative is basking in the glow of his new fame.

Kayleigh McEnany, the National Press Secretary for President Trump’s campaign, published an op-ed on Fox News detailing how Schiff got busted lying on national television about the bogus impeachment inquiry.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., whose youthful dreams of being a successful Hollywood screenwriter never materialized, is proving to the world that he does indeed have a talent for concocting fictional stories.

Schiff has pre-scripted a televised production titled “The Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump.” The story would likely be deemed too absurd and too boring to make it onto the silver screen as a drama, though it might succeed as a comedic farce – too silly to be taken seriously.

Schiff has held closed-door castings, selected the actors and written the 45-minute opening salvo for each act of his work of fiction. Act II was held Friday, as former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified before Schiff’s Democratic-controlled committee.

Unfortunately for Schiff, the American people know a farce when they see it, and his fictional production is collapsing before his very eyes. Though he has carefully orchestrated an attempted coup against the man who 63 million Americans elected as our president, Schiff’s desperate political attack on President Trump has been exposed as nothing more than a witch hunt.

The American public recognizes truth versus assumption, presumptions, and the personal opinions of witnesses without firsthand knowledge. Schiff seems to think Americans are stupid and gullible and will think the fairytale he is spinning is real. He is wrong.

During the testimony, acting Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor admitted that his entire “witness” account was based on hearsay when questioned by Rep. Jim Jordan and that he never even met with President Donald Trump.

“The one criticism of these two witnesses, which I think is very much legitimate — it’s not really a criticism, it’s a factual statement, is that neither of them had direct contact with the president,” CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin said.

“Ever,” Toobin said to CNN anchor Jake Tapper. “And, that’s a problem if you’re going to impeach the president.”

And he is correct. During testimony Taylor said “What I can do here for you today is tell you what I heard from people.”

He testified that he heard from someone that someone else overheard a phone call with President Trump with U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland.

The person who described what happened on that call did not overhear it himself. He talked to someone who talked to a person who was not on the call but overheard it.

You do not impeach the President of The United States when your evidence is a game of telephone/

“We’ve got six people having four conversations in one sentence, and you told me that this is where you got your clear understanding?” Rep. Jordan said. “Your clear understanding is obviously wrong.”

And the witnesses who have talked to President Trump have testified that they had no idea of any quid pro quo with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

One of them is former U.S. Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker who said that he never heard of anything that appeared to be a quid pro quo with the president.

“I was never asked to do anything that I thought was wrong,” he said.

The impeachment inquiry is based on the Democrats being furious that President Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

They attempted to get him on an Emoluments clause, then Russian collusion and now Ukraine. They likely know they cannot defeat him in 2020 and this is what they believe will defeat him.

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