Adam Schiff Humiliated In Hollywood, Live On TV

Adam Schiff has been yelling from every cable network that Trump was going down for collusion.

He winked and nodded saying classified information precluded him for going into detail but from what has seen Trump is guilty.

The media ate up what is now looking like a coordinated effort to smear Trump through selectively leaking that may even rope in the Obama administration as complicit.

Surprisingly, Bill Maher did not give Schiff a pass and humiliated him over his duplicity. Remember, Schiff said he saw proof Trump was guilty of colluding with Russia. From The Daily Beast:

Calling Robert Mueller “a conservative” who was “going to follow established policy,” Rep. Schiff said he didn’t think it was “realistic” that the special counsel would indict the president and those that did were being “unrealistic in their expectations.”

The congressman did, however, conclude from the report that “Russians were engaged in a systemic effort to interfere in our election; that the Trump campaign welcomed it, embraced it, built it into their plan, made full use of it, lied about it, covered it up, and then obstructed the investigation into it; and, if we had any doubt before about this president’s fitness for office, there is no doubt remaining: he is unfit for the presidency.”

Maher then pushed back. “But this was our big gun. Now it just looks like you’re stalking him,” he said.

“I think in the eyes of the people who don’t follow it that closely, which is most of the country, here’s the thing about Bob Mueller: he’s the last thing in America that left and right agreed on. Left and right basically agreed, this is a guy of honor, this is an honest guy, an honest broker, whatever he says goes…The fact that he was like umm…If you couldn’t impeach before, how are you going to impeach after? Or should you?”

“I’ve seen you on TV a lot over the last couple of years. I know everything you know, or that you tell us, about the Russian situation,” Maher told Rep. Schiff.

“I don’t have a clue what you think about health care—I’ve never heard it. I don’t know whether you’re for Medicare for all or improved Obamacare or get a chicken. I don’t know what.”

Here’s the full video:

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