After Countless Gaffes, Biden’s Brain Surgeon Releases Explosive Medical Statement

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been making headlines lately for all of the wrong reasons.

When he’s not making racist comments or touching people without their consent, Biden can’t seem to make it through an event with making mind-boggling comments.

And now, Biden’s brain surgeon has gone public to try and convince people that the former VP’s brain is functioning perfectly fine.

While speaking with Politico, Dr. Neal Kassell defended the 76-year-old Democrat presidential candidate and claimed that Biden is “as sharp as he was 31 years ago.”

That’s right: Kassell performed surgery on Biden over 30 years ago but he wants voters to believe that Biden is still perfectly healthy.

Kassell dismissed fears that Biden’s mental faculties are declining despite evidence to the contrary.

Politico reports:

The two brain aneurysms Biden suffered in 1988 were fully treated and he showed no signs of mental trouble as a result, said Dr. Neal Kassell, who performed the surgery on Biden three decades ago. Nor did Biden suffer any brain damage that could come back to haunt him in old age, Kassell said.

“He is every bit as sharp as he was 31 years ago. I haven’t seen any change,” Kassell said. “I can tell you with absolute certainty that he had no brain damage, either from the hemorrhage or from the operations that he had. There was no damage whatsoever.”

“I am going to vote for the candidate who I am absolutely certain has a brain that is functioning,” Kassell told Politico. “And that narrows it down to exactly one.”

Biden’s physician also said, “Vice President Biden is in excellent physical condition.”

Since announcing that he’s running for president, Biden has come under fire countless times for slurring his words, forgetting basic events, and making highly controversial statements.

While speaking to voters at the Iowa State Fair, Biden claimed that he was the vice president at the time of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

The Parkland shooting occurred in 2018. Biden left office in 2017, almost a full year before the attack.

He apparently forgot what year he left office (2017) and claimed he was still the VP when the Parkland shooting occurred (2018), but his campaign says he simply “misspoke.”

A few days before that, Biden went full-racist by telling a crowd that “poor kids were just as bright and talented as white kids.”

Biden recently came under fire for mistakenly saying the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, took place in Houston and Michigan.

Before that, Biden was accused of grabbing a young college student after she asked him at a campaign event how many genders there are.

When he’s not suggesting a “shooting war” with the GOP or threatening Trump with violence, Biden has been accused by at least four women in recent months of inappropriately touching them without their consent.

Biden’s behavior is so bad that even the mainstream media criticized him in June after he disgustingly had his hands all over a 10-year-old girl during a campaign stop.

Despite all of this, so-called “experts” are trying to convince voters that Biden’s brain is functioning perfectly fine and there’s no reason to be concerned.

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