After Pelosi Declared Impeachment – Trump Secured A Record-Breaking Victory

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi crossed the red line and caved to the radical wing of the Democratic Party.

She held off on trying to remove the president from office for a long time, but she agreed to launch an impeachment inquiry over a nothing burger phone call Trump had back in July with the Ukrainian.

The move is already blowing up in the Left’s face, and the president just secured a record-breaking victory.

The Republican National Committee announced this week that it raised a record-setting $27.3 million in September and had $59.2 million cash on hand last month.

These record smashing numbers came in after Pelosi announcement that House Democrats were going to begin impeachment.

Fox News reports:

The RNC’s September fundraising haul is the best off-cycle month in the history of both the Republican and Democratic parties.

This cycle, to date, the RNC has more than doubled the Democratic National Committee’s fundraising efforts, according to the GOP, which also noted that the Democrats, as of last month, carried $7.3 million in debt.

The announcement comes just days after the RNC and the Trump re-election campaign announced a massive third-quarter war chest of $125.7 million.

Earlier this month, the RNC launched a “Stop the Madness” national counter-impeachment campaign, targeting those House Democrats and vowing to cause “chaos” in response to the formal impeachment inquiry against the president.

The multimedia buy this week focuses on peer-to-peer texting and phone calls to more than 30 House Democrat districts, encouraging voters to call their congressman or congresswoman and “stop the madness.” The party also is continuing investment into Facebook petitions, encouraging voters to sign up and “Take a Stand” against impeachment.

“While Democrats focus on fighting President Trump, Republicans have prioritized voters and we have another record-breaking fundraising month—the highest ever off-cycle—to show for it,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Fox News.

“Voters are tired of Democrats’ petty politics and baseless witch hunts, and their shameful attacks have only energized our grassroots army and allowed us to lay the groundwork for Republicans to take back the House, expand our majority in the Senate and re-elect President Trump in 2020,” she added.

“Our goal is to cause chaos,” RNC spokesman Rick Gorka, who is heading up the campaign, told Fox News in an interview earlier this month.

He continued: “This is a poison pill. When you couple the impeachment process with the socialist policies being espoused by 2020 Democrats, it’s going to sink their chances at the ballot box, especially with those crucial swing voters and independents across the country.”

Adding even more hilarity to it all, Pelosi and Democrats impeachment plan is directly influencing millions of Americans to donate their hard-earned money to help re-elect the president.

In the days after Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry, the RNC and Trump campaign raised just shy of $15 million.

History is repeating itself. Once again, Pelosi and the House Democrats are pushing allegations with no hard evidence.

How much more cash will Trump bring in before the year is over? After the dust settles, he’ll have quite the war chest.

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