After ‘Winning’ Debates, Booker Faces Justice, Arrest For Escorting Illegal Aliens Across Border

Immediately after last Democratic debate, liberal media pundits were swooning over Cory Booker.

Many claimed that Booker “won” the debate by being the “happy warrior.” CNN certainly loved the performance he turned in.

But they’re singing a different tune today.

That’s because Booker is facing increasing scrutiny over a political stunt he pulled to celebrate Independence Day, when he illegally and personally escorted five migrants across the border with Mexico.

The Democratic Party has made it clear for quite some time that they do not care about securing the border and making sure that immigrants legally enter the country. Almost all of the 2020 Democratic candidates support open borders and decriminalizing border crossings, which would be catastrophic for America.

Presidential hopeful and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker made that clear when he illegally escorted five migrants across the border from Mexico into the United States.

Booker broke the law and could face the possibility of arrest for his brazen act — which was undoubtedly a political stunt aimed at helping his failing campaign.

Booker crossed the El Paso, Texas, port of entry into Ciudad Juarez with immigrant rights attorneys and advocates to help five women get admitted into the U.S. after they had been sent back to Mexico.

“These women had really horrific stories,” Booker told reporters in El Paso. “They are survivors of sexual violence, attacks. They are being preyed upon. They have legitimate fears. This policy that we have, what it’s doing is pushing people who are already vulnerable back into a dangerous situation.”


The five women had been sent back to Mexico after applying for asylum in accordance with the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Protocols program, which states that asylum seekers must wait in Mexico until the U.S. can process their claims.

In defending his actions, which likely violated federal immigration laws, Booker wrote in a series of tweets that the women had been abused and did not have adequate food, water and medical attention while detained in the U.S.

He slandered U.S. border patrol officials and defended the migrants.

“These stories are profoundly alarming, but my words can’t begin to capture the pain. Their very human dignity is under assault, and it’s being done in our name,” Booker wrote.

Booker then practically admitted that he only went to the border as a political stunt.

“I saw an opportunity that I could make a difference with my office, and get them fairly evaluated. We’re going to follow them all the way through that process. They’re legitimate and they should be allowed entry,” he added.

Below are two clips of Booker speaking with reporters about his political stunt:

Booker’s stunt for attention came shortly after he unveiled an aggressive plan that would essentially undo much of President Donald Trump’s immigration agenda.

His plan, among many other things, would “virtually eliminate” all immigrant detention centers.

“By adopting evidence-based non-profit alternatives to detention and ensuring that detention is used as a last resort, Cory’s goal would be to virtually eliminate immigration detention, with limited exceptions if there is a risk to public safety or flight risk,” Booker’s plan says.

Booker’s plan would also legalize the “DREAMers,” the roughly 800,000 children who came to the U.S. illegally as children with their parent, who also did not have the legal authority to be in the country.

Other 2020 Democrats are also pushing immigration ideas that Americans will undoubtedly reject.

Julián Castro, Obama’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development, is promising to repeal Section 1325 in Title 8 of the U.S. Code, which makes it a misdemeanor for migrants to enter the United States illegally.

“The reason that they’re separating these little children from their families is they’re using Section 1325 . . . to incarcerate the parents and then separate them,” Castro said during the Democratic presidential primary debate in Miami last week.

California Sen. Kamala Harris also put her support behind open borders, decriminalizing border crossing, and shutting down migrant detention facilities.

Democrats have rejected claims that they are the party of “open borders,” but they continue to prove just how true of a statement that is.

What do you think? Should Booker be arrested for violating federal law?

I doubt it will actually happen, but we’ll have to wait and see. Anything could happen.

Stay tuned, to be continued…

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