AG Bill Barr Shocks Democrats – Trump Is Celebrating

Attorney General William Barr has arguably been the best official President Donald Trump has hired since taking office.

It has been roughly nine months since Barr was confirmed as the attorney general, and it’s clear that Republicans love him and Democrats feel the exact opposite.

Speaking with several Democratic lawmakers, NPR’s Ryan Lucas published a report this week detailing how Barr has turned out to be exactly the kind of attorney general Trump wanted — though Democrats are “shocked” about the job he is doing.

Lucas presents a detailed timeline of Barr’s tenure as AG, explaining how each major event has been lauded by Republicans and Trump but loathed by Democrats.

First, he concluded from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report that Trump engaged in no collusion and no obstruction, and then he launched an investigation of the investigation, tapping U.S. Attorney John Durham to get to the bottom of the entire matter.

Barr and Durham recently shifted their probe into the origins of the Russia probe into a criminal inquiry — and that means corrupt Obama-era officials could be held accountable.

Republicans are counting on indictments or at least a report that shows wrongdoing on the part of former FBI Director James Comey, former DNI head James Clapper, and others in the way they went after Trump to investigate him even before he took office in 2017.

Giving Clapper even more of a reason to be nervous, it was reported that a former top Obama official has agreed to cooperate with Barr’s investigation.

Former FBI general counsel James Baker is working with Barr and assisting in his probe.

Baker is important to this whole investigation because he was the one who initially leaked the information that led to the probe against then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

The former FBI general counsel had leaked information to the Washington Post, which ran the story at the behest of Clapper.

Baker played a big role in the FBI going after Flynn and kicking off the phony Russia probe — so the fact that he’s cooperating with the DOJ is a very big deal.

This also comes after it was revealed that the Department of Justice announced last week that an administrative review of the Russia investigation has shifted into a criminal inquiry.

This means that Barr and Durham now have the power to subpoena for witness testimony and documents, to convene a grand jury, and to file criminal charges.

It certainly appears that Barr and Durham have already found evidence of criminal wrongdoing regarding the FBI’s surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016.

They wouldn’t have turned their investigation into criminal inquiry if there wasn’t evidence of Obama officials potentially breaking the law.

The president has turned the tables, and the American people will soon learn of the corrupt actions taken by Obama and his allies to take down Trump.

And Barr has played a huge role in all of this, which is why Trump, Republicans, and so many Americans a thankful that he’s leading the DOJ.

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