Alert: New Whistleblower Steps Forward – Dems PANIC

Alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide on Aug. 10, but there are still countless unanswered questions surrounding his mysterious death.

Several questions also loom about the alleged child sex ring that he operated, who all may have been involved, and how it all got started.

According to reports, ABC News is making frantic efforts to find the whistleblower responsible for leaking a video about the network squelching an Epstein story to Project Veritas.

Democrats have made it clear they have no interest in touching the Epstein story, likely because so many of them were entangled and connected to the pedophile.

Even Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter previously warned that “some of our faves” may get exposed by the Epstein case.

Earlier this month, Project Veritas published an undercover video in which Good Morning America co-host Amy Robach is seen telling a producer that a witness brought forth damning information regarding Epstein, which also implicated former President Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew — but ABC News killed the report.

Sources told the New York Post that ABC executives were conducting interrogations and searching employees’ emails in an effort to find out who leaked the video.

CBS News also fired then-ABC staffer Ashley Bianco, who was responsible for storing the video on an internal company server, and whom CBS had recently hired.

The ABC investigation apparently goes all the way to the top of the network, to parent company Disney, the sources said.

The whistleblower also wrote a letter through Project Veritas to ABC under the pen name Ignotus, a reference to a Harry Potter character, saying that Bianco was not the source of the leak and chastising ABC for interrogating employees.

“Instead of addressing this head-on like the company has in the past, it has spun into a mission of seek-and-destroy,” the whistleblower wrote. “Innocent people that have absolutely nothing to do with this are being hunted down as if we are all a sport. I challenge all of you to actually look inwards and remember why this company engages in journalism.”

“I went to Project Veritas for the sole reason that any other media outlet else would have probably shelved this as well. I thank all of them… for seeking truth,” Ignotus wrote.

In other words: ABC News fired the wrong person for leaking the hot-mic interview to Project Veritas.

And the actual whistleblower responsible for giving the video to Project Veritas wrote a letter stating that they have not been caught and do not plan to go away anytime soon.

Earlier this month, Project Veritas released new footage exposing ABC network executives rejecting allegations against Epstein years ago, even though there was content regarding the merit of those claims in-hand.

“I’ve had this story for three years. I’ve had this interview with [Epstein accuser] Virginia Roberts. We would not put it on the air. First of all I was told, ‘Who is Jeffrey Epstein? No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story,'” Robach said.

“Then the palace found out we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us in a million different ways,” Robach continues, referring to the British royal that Roberts alleged in a 2015 court filing Epstein trafficked her to when she was 17.

“Roberts told me everything,” Robach says in the clip. “She had pictures. She had everything. She was in hiding for 12 years. We convinced her to come out. We convinced her to talk to us. It was unbelievable what we had. Clinton. Everything.”

A frustrated Robach can then be heard saying: “I tried for three years to get it on [air]. And now it’s all coming out. I’m so pissed right now. Every day I get more and more pissed. What we had was unreal.”


Epstein was arrested and charged in June for allegedly running a sex traffic ring with underage girls.

While the case seems to be shut already, many are calling on investigators to turn their attention to those who were closely connected to Epstein.

The Clinton family could find themselves in hot water given their disturbing connection to Epstein, which dates all the way back to when President Clinton was in office in the mid-1990s.

Flight records indicate that Clinton was onboard the “Lolita Express” 26 times – five of those without his secret service detail.

Time will tell what happens in the case, but the new whistleblower is still out there and is vowing to work with Project Veritas to release more information regarding Epstein.

And that is bad news for Democrats.

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