Alert: Pelosi DEVASTATED – Whistleblower Admits It…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was absolutely devastated this week after the so-called whistleblower was exposed.

Not only do we know exactly who the whistleblower is, he admitted some explosive details through his lawyer, who then released that information to the public.

A bombshell report from Real Clear Investigations reporter Paul Sperry reveals that the whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella.

His attorney, Mark Zaid, declined to deny the report revealing Ciaramella as the whistleblower, but said that publishing his name is “intentionally reckless.”

Sperry made it clear that he exposed the name “because of the public’s interest in learning details of an effort to remove a sitting president from office.”

It all seems rather convenient, does it not?

Zaid calls revealing his client’s name “reckless” and Democrats have been trying to hide it for weeks. Now, it appears that we know exactly why.

Below are some quick facts on Ciaramella from the explosive report:

  • Registered Democrat
  • Worked for President Obama
  • Worked with Vice President Joe Biden
  • Worked for CIA Director John Brennan
  • Vocal critic of President Trump
  • Helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation hoax
  • Was fired from the National Security Council in 2017 for leaks, and returned to the CIA

“He was accused of working against Trump and leaking against Trump,” a former National Security Council official said.

“Also, Ciaramella huddled for ‘guidance’ with the staff of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, including former colleagues also held over from the Obama era whom Schiff’s office had recently recruited from the NSC,” the NSC official said.

“And Ciaramella worked with a Democratic National Committee operative who dug up dirt on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, inviting her into the White House for meetings, former White House colleagues said,” the NSC official added.

Below is an alleged image of Ciaramella, who in this photo, is sitting a few feet behind First Lady Melania Trump at a White House event.

In recent weeks, we have learned a lot about this so-called whistleblower.

Almost everything Ciaramella alleged in his complaint has been proven to be totally false.

He filed a complaint about a call that they never heard, and Democrats want Trump impeached over a call that they also never heard.

The Office of Intelligence Community Inspector General launched an internal investigation after the complaint and found that Ciaramella had a “political bias” in favor of one of Trump’s rivals in the 2020 presidential election.

We now know that person is Joe Biden, meaning Ciaramella is literally a major support of Biden’s 2020 campaign to defeat Trump.

Democrats impeachment plan has backfired on her in spectacular fashion, and now this whistleblower is nothing more than a left-wing hack trying to take down the president.

This is a total nightmare for Pelosi.

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