Alert: Prominent Democrat Charged – Facing 100 YEARS In Prison

While the liberal mainstream media has been obsessing over Democrats latest ploy to remove President Donald Trump from office, some gigantic news about a top Democrat dropped this week.

In what might be one of the biggest stories of the year, a prominent Democrat was just sentenced to serious jail time for allegedly scamming children and their families.

Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is facing federal charges amid a self-concocted plot to enrich herself through sales of her self-published children’s book series.

The grand jury indictment made public Wednesday revealed the 69-year-old top Democrat has been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, seven counts of wire fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and two counts of tax evasion.

The 11-count federal indictment accuses Pugh of using her “Healthy Holly” books to enrich herself, promote her political career, and fund her run for mayor.

If she is found guilty on all 11 counts, she could be sentenced to over 100 years in federal prison.

CBS News reports:

Pugh could be facing more than 100 years in prison if convicted.

The federal government also will seek to seize a house owned by Pugh and $770,000 as part of any sentence. She must turn herself in before her first court appearance scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 21.

Federal authorities say Pugh and two city employees double-sold her self-published children’s books or failed to deliver them to institutions they were purchased for, including the Baltimore City Public Schools.

The book scheme allegedly involved Pugh failing to print thousands of copies or double-selling titles in the series. Prosecutors also allege Pugh listed her 2016 income as $31,000 when it actually exceeded $322,000.

Pugh then allegedly used the proceeds to fund straw donations to her mayoral campaign and to renovate a house.

Local CBS News reporter Mike Hellgren noted in a tweet that the indictment posted by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Maryland states “Pugh faces more than 100 years in prison.”

Do we actually think Pugh will serve 100 years in prison? No.

Is it likely that she is another corrupt Democrat who will skirt charges and only get a slap on the wrist? Yes.

The main takeaway is that a prominent Democrat — who spent years as the mayor of one of the largest cities in America — committed so many heinous crimes that she could essentially spend the rest of her life in prison if she’s found guilty on all 11 counts.

And yet, the mainstream media is nowhere to be found on this story.

They do not care to cover it because it doesn’t fit their “get Trump” narrative.

And, more importantly, this type of corruption is common across Democrat run strongholds.

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