Alyssa Milano’s Insult: ‘I have sympathy for people that are in ignorance’


Jon Voight just put Alyssa Milano squarely in her place. Milano, who never met a conservative she wouldn’t attack, has gone after Voight multiple times in the past.

Voight has usually stayed above the fray, but in an appearance on Fox News today he opened up and hit back at Milano.

Milano called him an F-lister among other insults. Enter Voight with a classy reply: “I have sympathy for people that are in ignorance.”

From Fox News: Actor Jon Voight spoke Friday on “Fox & Friends” about attending the Rally for Freedom alongside Gold Star families on July 4th and he responded to a recent tweet from actress Alyssa Milano.

Voight, a vocal supporter of President Trump, was on the show alongside Gold Star mom Karen Vaughn, who lost her son, Navy SEAL Aaron Carson, in 2011.

Voight was read a tweet by Milano in which she called him an “F-lister” and a “has been” in response to him praising President Trump.

The Academy Award winner said he was part of the anti-war left during the 1960s, but later discovered the “truth” and changed his political ways.

“I have sympathy for people that are in ignorance. It doesn’t scare me. Ignorance doesn’t scare me. I was like that myself. I just root for everybody to come to the truth,” he said.

Vaughn said the Gold Star families were also offered VIP access to the president’s “Salute to America” event on the night of July 4th at the Lincoln Memorial, which she said will be “the largest celebration of Independence Day in our nation’s history.”

Overall, Vaughn said the rally is meant to show support to Gold Star families and she intends to spread the message in favor of Trump before next year’s election.

“He is rebuilding the nation my son gave his life for. I feel like our country was rescued in November of 2016 from I don’t even know what, and I will fight with my last breath to get him re-elected in 2020,” she said.

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