As Nation Honors Victims, Ilhan Omar’s Shocking 9/11 Comments Resurface

Most Americans are spending Wednesday remembering the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, which marks the 18th anniversary of al Qaeda hijacking airplanes and crashing them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

The 9/11 terror attacks, which were carried out by Osama bid Laden and al Qaeda jihadists, resulted in just shy of 3,000 innocent Americans being killed.

As most of the nation is honoring the victims, many are also reminded of the abhorrent comments made by Muslim Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota about the terrorist attacks.

While speaking at a dinner for the Council of American-Islamic Relations in California earlier this year, Omar described 9/11 as “some people did something” rather than saying a group of al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four airplanes, ran two of them into the Twin Towers, and killed almost 3,000 Americans.

It was arguably the worst attack on American soil — and Omar could not have been more disrespectful.

“Many of us were not shocked or surprised, many of us were kind of waiting, holding our breath for a really long time thinking when will something like this happen,” Omar said.

While not naming President Donald Trump, Omar noted that “our leader” in the White House helped worsen these issues.

Trump shared a clip of Omar’s comments and captioned his tweet, “WE WILL NEVER FORGET!”


It is worth noting that Omar has taken a lot of heat in the past after she advocated for leniency in the sentencing of men who were convicted of trying to join ISIS.

When Omar served as a state legislature in Minnesota in 2016, 9 Somali refugees were arrested and found guilty of attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

Prior to sentencing, Omar wrote a letter to the judge overseeing the case and begged for leniency for the Islamic extremists.

That’s right — these 9 radical jihadists, many from her district, were trying to join ISIS so they could carry out acts of violence against innocent people.

But Omar didn’t care about that and, instead, begged the judge not to sentence the would-be terrorists to 30 to 40 years in prison.

She actually argued in her letter that the best way to deter Islamic extremists from joining ISIS it to be “compassionate.”

“The best deterrent to fanaticism is a system of compassion,” the letter reads.

Omar’s “compassion” for radical jihadists is troubling, but it’s hardly the first time the radical lawmaker has found herself in hot water.

Back in June, it was revealed that Omar was arrested in 2013 for trespassing in Minneapolis and was taken into custody at the Hennepin County Jail “to prevent further criminal conduct.”

Before that, she questioned the patriotism of American-born citizens and claimed that she “probably loves this country more than anyone who is naturally born” in the country.

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