BACKFIRE: Pelosi Loses Control – Caves After Democrats REVOLT

House Democrats’ sure-to-fail attempt to impeach President Donald Trump has turned out to be a massive disaster for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy revealed this week that Pelosi has “lost control” of the House and that her decision to unilaterally launch the impeachment inquiry and later, withhold the impeachment articles from the Senate, created a revolt in the House.

Roy revealed that several Democrats are “furious” with Pelosi and slammed her behind closed-doors for her failed handling of impeachment and decision to delay sending the articles to the Senate for over three weeks.

Ry’s comments came during an appearance on Saturday’s edition of Fox & Friends, where he discussed how Pelosi has handled Trump’s impeachment. In his view, it’s been a total disaster.

“I think she had a strategic error, and she was trying to appease her radical left base,” Roy said.

“Over the last year, what has she done for the American people, other than turn over the House of Representatives to the radical left and AOC [Democrat New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and those who are trying to reshape this country in a socialist agenda? … She’s lost control,” he added.

With her latest blunder, Roy suggests that things have reached a critical point for Pelosi.

After several weeks of waiting, the speaker finally announced on Friday that she will be moving in the direction to turn the articles of impeachment over to the Senate.

Pelosi withheld the articles for three weeks in hopes that it would give her some kind of leverage to ensure the type of trial that she and other Democrats want in the GOP-controlled Senate.

But it appears that Pelosi has finally realized her mistake.

According to Roy, she is now “hoping for a last-minute reason” to excuse her choice to withhold.

Roy argued that Pelosi “wasted the time of the American people” with the inquiry, “rather than focusing on what the American people care about around the kitchen table: health care costs, border security, our men and women in uniform, our reckless spending.”

The congressman also had a prediction for when the articles of impeachment finally reach the Senate: “What we’ll see when it gets over to the Senate is that the case that they presented is very weak,” he said.


Last week, Washington Post congressional reporter Rachael Bade revealed that a lot of Democrats have privately said Pelosi’s impeachment gambit was a “failed strategy.”

But Bade said the damage had already been done and that several Democrats were “furious” with Pelosi.

“She was clearly putting a positive spin on what a lot of Democrats have privately said was a failed strategy,” Bade said.

She noted how Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer were pushing for witnesses and wanted a resolution on the proceedings and “got neither of those.”

“I know her team has sort of said, look, she was able to hold out, there was a bunch of new revelations that happened over the holiday break. Bolton came out and said he’s willing to testify,” Bade said.

She added: “Those things probably would have happen regardless of whether she was holding them. And, in fact, there might have even been more news focused on those things if everybody wasn’t asking what is Nancy Pelosi doing for the articles.”

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