Bad News For Dem Chances In 2020 – This Changes Everything

The mainstream media, and sites like Facebook and Twitter, have conspired to crush pro-President Donald Trump news as the 2020 presidential election approaches.

But it has been a surprise for many conservatives that the once pro-Trump Drudge Report has joined them in that pursuit.

For months Drudge has shared a ton of anti-Trump and pro-impeachment news and opinion pieces that have conservatives feeling betrayed.

They thought they had the market cornered, but one thing about conservatives is we know when and how to fight.

And when you are talking about a former New York City police officer and Secret Service agent, the stakes get raised.

Fox News commentator and conservative pundit Dan Bongino has teased a competitor for the Drudge Report that will change the game.

The Bongino Report, as he has teased, will be a direct competitor for the Drudge Report, which is no longer able to eb relied on for conservative news.

“Tired of Drudge? Get ready, the Bongino Report is almost ready for launch. Coming soon, stay tuned,” he said in a tweet on Wednesday.

This month conservative radio host Mark Levin teed off on Drudge, and commentator Ann Coulter, for their betrayal of the president.

“Mr. Producer did you see the blaring headline? Ann Coulter has had enough of Trump, she wants him out. Did you see that, Mr. Producer?

“I hadn’t seen it until someone sent me an email to a link and there it was on The Drudge Report. I didn’t even know Ann Coulter was still around, did you, Mr. Producer? I had no idea.

“But now that she wants Trump out, along with the slobbering news media and the slobbering Democrats and our enemies overseas — I think we should all now genuflect and attack the president of the United States. And my brother Drudge is doing a hell of a good job of it,” Levin said.

“I get sick and tired of these crybabies, these pseudo-conservatives, who have gotten rich and famous as conservatives, now all of a sudden: ‘Well, I’m not sure.’ For a variety of reasons: positioning themselves and so forth. It’s much easier if you’re in my business or if you’re in the media business to attack Trump. Because then they love you…

“These people are sellouts, for whatever the reason, and I don’t much care. We have to fight for our liberty and for the future of our children and grandchildren

“I don’t give a damn what any website says, or Ann Coulter,” he said. “I’ve only just begun. Only just begun. So we’ll see in the days ahead because I’m thinking hard about this, how I choose to pursue this,” he said.

And he is correct. Do you know the media attention Bongino would get, and the cash he would make, if he decided to attack President Trump?

By supporting him he takes a much greater financial risk, we all do. Every one of us could make more by attacking the president.

Our links would be shared more and we would get more support on sites like Facebook and Twitter and we could enrich ourselves.

But, and Bongino knows this, this is about the future of the United States. It is about having a United States that is free and not socialist.

It is about protecting the Republic, not only for ourselves but for out children and the future generations of America.

Bongino is a patriot and a man who has devoted his life to this nation and you know that whatever he does is with the best interests of the United States in mind.

It would be nice to have a site run by a man like him to rely on to get the news that the corporate media does not want you to see.

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