Barr Goes After Transgender Athletes, Says Trans Women Are Men

Attorney General William Barr and the administration of President Donald Trump are not playing the Democrats ridiculous games.

Progressives want to promote the idea that transgender “women” are indeed women, but that is not how Barr and the Department of Justice feel about it.

The Justice Department has sided with a Christian group and three teenage girls who brought a case seeking to keep transgender girls out of their lock rooms, Forbes reported.

The DOJ filed a legal document Tuesday in Hartford, Conn., where the anti-LGBTQ Alliance Defending Freedom is representing three high school girls in their suit to stop transgender girls from competing in school sports. The Trump Administration has now joined the ADF in resorting to transphobic terms to misidentify trans girls in court documents such as “biological males” and “boys.”

The Dept. of Justice’s statement of interest argues the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference is violating Title IX, the federal law that provides equal educational opportunities for girls, including in athletics.

The CIAC says its seven-year-old policy for trans student athletes abides by state law that requires schools to respect the gender identity of students and treat them according to how they identify. And the conference points to guidance by federal court rulings and the prior federal administration, including the Justice Department, in drafting the inclusive policy.

But how is it fair for students who are born male to be competing with female student athletes who do not have the same strength and speed?

“Under CIAC’s interpretation of Title IX, however, schools may not account for the real physiological differences between men and women. Instead, schools must have certain biological males — namely, those who publicly identify as female — compete against biological females,” Barr and his team, said.

“In so doing, CIAC deprives those women of the single-sex athletic competitions that are one of the marquee accomplishments of Title IX.,” he said.

But people like Simón(e) D. Sun believe that the term “biological male” is transphobic and that sex does not exist in the way we have believed since the beginning of time.

“The truth is, your biological sex isn’t carved in stone, but a living system with the potential for change. Why? Because biological sex is far more complicated than XX or XY (or XXY, or just X),” he said in Scientific American.

The lawsuit was filed by Selina Soule of Glastonbury, Conn., and Chelsea Mitchell of Canton, Conn. filed the suit last month along with co-plaintiff Alanna Smith, a sophomore at Danbury High School last month.

They claim that they have been robbed of scholarship opportunities and championships by biological male athletes.

But as the plaintiffs were demanding fairness Mitchell defeated a transgender runner in back to back track meets.

Her attorneys said that the victories were beside the point, and simple genetics would tend to agree.

“What Plaintiffs alleged — and what is true — is that due to physiological differences, female athletes cannot beat ‘comparably talented and trained’ males,” attorney Christiana Holcomb told the Associated Press. “And if Chelsea beat Miller by a hair in a particular race, Miller nevertheless deprived one girl of the second-place title in that race, and pushed the third-fastest girl off the victory podium entirely.”

American Civil Liberties Union attorney Chase Strangio, and how is that for an appropriate name, represents the transgender athletes.

“Our clients are two high school seniors who are just trying to enjoy their final track season of high school and who now have to contend with the federal government arguing against their right to equal educational opportunities,” he said. “History will look back on these anti-trans attacks with deep regret and shame. In the meantime we will continue to fight for the rights of all girls to participate in the sports they love.”

The girls, the real ones, also want to compete in the sports they love and they want a fair playing field. That is what Barr is fighting for.

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