Betrayal – Obama Deals Death Blow To Biden’s Campaign

Former Vice President Joe Biden is having a tough time recently between his son Hunter Biden’s issues and his own.

He has been at the top of the Democrat primary race from the day he announced but curiously his old boss has never endorsed him.

Biden said that he asked former President Obama not to endorse him during the primary, but that never made any sense.

And it now appears that the former president did not endorse him because he had other ideas, and those idea do not involve his former number two man.

Reports have indicated that Obama has been talking to wealthy donors and encouraging them to support Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren should she win the Democrat nomination, Fox News reported.

“He obviously thinks she’s very smart,” one of the donors said. “He thinks her policy ideas matter. And I think he sees her running the campaign with the most depth.”

“He appreciates her intellect and is impressed by the campaign she’s run,” one of his former officials said. “If anything, she has the most substantive achievements from his time in the White House. And he’s someone who can talk at length about her accolades.”

It is interesting because Sen. Warren has denounced any candidate that has courted wealthy donors, but she has the former president doing her dirty work for her.

Obama has not endorsed any candidate in the Democrat primary but privately he has been singing the praises of the Massachusetts senator.

“He’s asked all of the candidates who have sought his advice three questions: Is your family behind you? Why you? And why now? She checked the box for all,” one Obama ally said. “I think he feels licensed to give an opinion on her because he’s ‘hired’ her.”

A source close to the former president said that he is not playing favorites and would work hard for any of the Democrat candidates if they win the nomination.

“Look, we have a field that is very accomplished, very serious and passionate and smart people who have a history of public service, and whoever emerges from the primary process, I will work my tail off to make sure that they are the next president,” Obama said last month.

Still, this has to come as a striking blow to Biden who has tied himself to Obama and the former president’s popularity, specifically with black voters, to keep himself at the top of the race.

It says a ton that his former boss is not on the trail campaigning for him and has chosen to court wealthy donors for Warren.

Wealthy donors in the financial sector are going to be a major issue for her as her plans all appear to involve going nuclear on their industry.

That coupled with the high taxes on the wealthy that she wants to impose do not make her a favorite candidate among the wealthy.

Biden is more of a status quo candidate for wealthy Democrats, but it is going to be tough for any Democrat to compete with the economy created by President Donald Trump.

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