BETRAYAL: Senate Republicans Have The Votes – Will Vote AGAINST Trump

Senate Republicans have, once again, betrayed President Donald Trump and sided with the Democrats on a key issue.

And this time it will make Americans less safe, as former Vice-Presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine says he has enough Republican support to pass his war powers resolution.

Kaine, who ran with Hillary Clinton in 2016, said that he had at least four Republicans who were signing on to his legislation to limit the president’s powers.

“In conversations with Republican colleagues, especially after the briefing last week, they were discouraged that the attitude that was being communicated to us was that Congress was an annoyance,” he said.

“After that, they came to me and we have been able to make some amendments,” he said.

Sen. Collins of Maine confirmed that she is one of the four Republicans who stabbed President Trump in the back in a statement to the Washington Post.

“Congress cannot be sidelined on these important decisions,” she said. Collins said, “only the legislative branch may declare war or commit our armed forces to a sustained military conflict with Iran.”

Really? Congress has not declared war since 1942 when the United States entered World War II, and since then there have been many military actions in Vietnam, Korea, The Persian Gulf and others where no declaration of war has existed.

Suddenly when President Trump does something to protect the lives of American soldiers, we need to stop him and have him come to Congress before a military strike?

Where was this fury from Democrats when former President Obama hit the Middle East with 20,000 bombs and countless drone strikes, some of which led to regime change in Libya?

The other defectors were Sens. “Todd Young of Indiana, Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky,” The New York Times reported.

It is likely that judging by history we could safely assume that Sens. Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski would also join the chorus of traitors.

It is a wonder how Murkowski, who appears to side with Democrats on everything, is even still funded by the RNC and campaigning as a Republican.

But what Sen. Kaine and his new Republican friends do not have is a veto proof vote. And there is no chance President Trump is not going to veto any measure limiting his ability to protect Americans from harm.

There are as many as 10 Republicans who could come on board to support the measure, Kaine said.

“Probably about 10,” he said when reporters asked him how many Republican votes he could get.  “There’s good discussion going on.”

That was supported by Sen. Lee who agreed that 10 was possible. It “would not be unreasonable to say that there might be a group of 10 who should be considered potential candidates to vote for it,” he said.

Lee said the legislation would state that any “additional hostilities against Iran need to be authorized by Congress.”

“That is a perfectly unremarkable statement,” he said. “The fact that this would be objectionable to anyone in either political party is really saying something.”

“I want to make sure that anything I vote on makes clear that the president maintains his Article II prerogatives and also that it does not contain any political content,” Sen. Young said.

If passed in the Senate, it would go to the House and then to the president where it would be quickly vetoed.

Democrats and Republican traitors do not have anywhere near the votes needed to defeat that.

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