Bette Midler Mocks Melania Trump As Feud With POTUS Escalates

In another low point for Hollywood has been Bette Midler, she attacked and mocked Melania Trump as her feud with President Trump kicked into high gear.

Why can’t they take on Trump alone and leave his family out of it? You never see Trump attacking Rosie O’Donnell’s family or Kathy Griffin’s family do you?

No, but the goons on the left always seem to attack Melania or Barron or Don Jr, etc. Trump’s family is always a target and in that way, the left has debased themselves and will always lose the argument.

From Deadline: Bette Midler is back on the Trump stump via Twitter. This time, she composed a bit of doggerel that references the President’s wife. Midler tweeted yesterday:

There once was a girl from Slovenia

Who now lives right on Pennsylvinia

To the East Room she’ll flee

From her husband’s wee wee

While he plays with his own schizophrenia

Predictably, the poem drew praise from the anti-Trump crowd and condemnation from the President’s supporters.

Midler and Trump have been going at each other in various venues for a while.

The most recent quote that raised the President’s ire came in a Midler tweet that called Republicans “the dumbest group of voters in the country” and was inaccurately attributed to Trump. Midler later apologized for her mistake. “This quote turns out to be a fake from way back in ’15-16. Don’t know how I missed it, but it sounds SO much like [Trump] that I believed it was true!”

During a Piers Morgan interview earlier this month, Trump called Midler “a washed-up psycho” for sharing the fake quote about him and later repeated the name-calling in his own tweet.

The Twitter war between the two eventually captured the attention of Democratic presidential candidate and former VP Joe Biden, who called Trump’s tweets about Midler during the 75th anniversary of D-Day “astounding,” and not in a good way.

Midler also has won support from Matthew Modine, a member of SAG-AFTRA running to unseat president Gabrielle Carteris.

“I’m told the leader of the free world squeaked that the Divine Ms. M is a ‘washed up psycho,’” Modine told Deadline. “I wish we all had half the chutzpah, temerity, humanity, love of nature and cheek as Bette Midler.”

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