Biden’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Him, New Info Could End 2020 Campaign

Former Vice President Joe Biden is still the odds-on favorite to secure the Democratic nomination. But since his abysmal performance at the first Democratic presidential primary debate last month, Biden has been hit with countless reports that have hurt his campaign significantly.

Biden made some powerful comments back in 1976 that may not sit well with Democratic voters today, especially liberal voters who support open borders and mass migration.

According to the Washington Examiner, Biden voted against evacuating tens of thousands of South Vietnamese refugees who had helped the United States during the Vietnam War.

While serving in the U.S. Senate, Biden declared that the U.S. had “no obligation, moral or otherwise, to evacuate foreign nationals,” dismissing concerns for their safety as the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong swept south toward Saigon in 1975.

Here’s more from the Examiner:

As South Vietnam collapsed at the end of the Vietnam War in the spring of 1975, President Gerald Ford and the U.S. government undertook to evacuate thousands of South Vietnamese families who had assisted the U.S. throughout the war. The leading voice in the Senate opposing this rescue effort was then-Sen. Joe Biden.

Hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese allies were in danger of recriminations from the Communists, but Biden insisted that “the United States has no obligation to evacuate one — or 100,001 — South Vietnamese.”

But Biden objected and called for a meeting between the president and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to voice his objections to Ford’s funding request for these efforts. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who led the meeting, told the senators that “the total list of the people endangered in Vietnam is over a million” and that “the irreducible list is 174,000.”

After Biden and President Ford had several public spats, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee recommended that the bill be passed by the full Senate by a vote of 14 to 3.

Biden was one of just three senators on the committee who voted against it.

It also passed in the full U.S. Senate by a vote of 46-17, where Biden also voted against it.

Saigon was overtaken on April 30, 1975, and hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese refugees who didn’t escape were sent to reeducation camps, where they were often abused, tortured, or killed.

It is significant that Biden voted against helping the refugees who had sacrificed their own lives to fight with America during the Vietnam War.

This is just one of many bombshell reports that has come out since Biden announced back in April that he’s running for president.

The former VP came under fire last week for threatening President Donald Trump with physical violence.

During an interview that aired last Friday with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Biden compared Trump to a bully and said he wanted to “smack” him in the mouth.

When he’s not suggesting a “shooting war” with the GOP or threatening Trump with violence, Biden has been accused by at least four women in recent months of inappropriately touching them without their consent.

Biden’s behavior is so bad that even the mainstream media criticized him after he disgustingly had his hands all over a 10-year-old girl during a campaign stop.

Obama’s No. 2 has also been called out for flip-flopping on several issues, which is a clear attempt to pander to the radical Left now that he’s seeking their vote to become president.

Despite all of this, Biden is still the Democratic frontrunner and darling of the Left.

But for how much longer?

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