Bill Barr Admits They Spied On Trump As POTUS Drops Hammer On Hillary

Bill Barr just shocked the DC establishment and admitted there was spying on the Trump campaign. Wow, just as Trump said. This is a shocking development and you can be sure heads will roll.

Trump for his part blasted it and saidit was a coup… and then he dropped the hammer on Hillary Clinton and others for their role.

From CBS:

Barr explained why he believed it was necessary to investigate the origins of the Russia probe. He said that federal agencies’ interest in the 2016 Trump campaign raised important questions. President Trump has repeatedly complained that the origins of the investigation were illegitimate.

“Spying on a political campaign is a big deal,” Barr said. “I think spying did occur. But the question is whether it was adequately predicated, and I’m not saying that it wasn’t adequately predicated.”

Barr also said that he did not think there was an issue with the FBI as a whole.

“I think there was probably a failure among the group of leaders,” Barr said, adding that he thinks the FBI “is an outstanding organization.” He continued, however: “I feel I have an obligation to make sure government power is not abused.”

President Trump reiterated his belief that Barr should investigate how the “illegal” and “phony” investigation into Russian collusion began. He told reporters Wednesday morning that “there is a hunger” for a probe into the origins of the investigation.

He also repeated that he has not seen the Mueller report, but that he believed he was “totally exonerated.”

“I’m not worried about something that should have never ever taken place,” Mr. Trump said.

Then President Trump dropped the hammer on Hillary saying: “Well, the Mueller report is interesting. After $35 million with 13 increased to 18 angry Democrats, people that truly hated Donald Trump, truly hated Trump, they found no collusion whatsoever with Russia.

But I could have told you that and so could most people and so could have everybody that voted for me, which was a lot of people.

So, after wasting all of this money and all of this time with people that were haters, people that worked on the Hillary Clinton Foundation, people that were absolutely haters of Trump, they found no collusion.

What has been found during this period of time are the illegal acts of getting this whole phony investigation started.

And hopefully that is where people are going now. That’s where people are going and it’s very interesting. It was an illegal investigation. It was an illegal investigation. It was started illegally.

Everything about it was crooked. Every single thing about it. There were dirty cops, these were bad people.

You look at McCabe and Comey and you look at Lisa and Peter Strzok. These were bad people. And this was an attempted coup. This was an attempted take down of a president. And we beat them. We beat them.”

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