BREAKING: Democrat Senator Resigns After FBI RAIDS Home, Office

Seems like every week a corrupt Democrat is arrested and charged for breaking the law — and the streak continued this week.

On September 24, FBI agents were seen carrying brown evidence bags as they raided Democratic Illinois State Senator Martin Sandoval’s office and home as part of an “ongoing criminal investigation.”

Now, just a few months later, Sandoval has announced that he will resign on January 1 in the face of a fraud investigation that involves possible bribery and theft charges.

In his resignation letter, the Democrat pathetically claimed he was stepping down out of “respect” for his constituents.

“It is with a heavy heart, I, Martin A. Sandoval, do hereby resign the office of state senator effective Jan. 1 at 12:01 p.m. Respect for my constituents and the Senate convinced me that this action is necessary in order to proceed without distraction to the important work that needs to be accomplished for working families throughout the state of Illinois in the future,” he wrote in the letter.

Federal agents raided Sandoval’s Capitol office in Springfield, his district office in the Chicago suburb of Cicero, and his Chicago home back in late September.

Several images surfaced online showing federal agents transporting boxes, brown bags, and possibly a desktop computer from Sandoval’s offices into two SUVs.

The raids were connected to Sandoval playing a key role in helping implement a 19-cent increase in the gas tax to help fund Democratic Governor J.B. Prtizker’s $45 billion plan to rebuild roads, bridges, and schools.

As reported by back in September:

Several men in dark suits and ties could be seen walking from the Senate Democrats’ side of the Capitol, carrying the bags and boxes of materials.

The word “evidence” could be seen written across at least one of the bags. 

Republicans criticized him in August when a photo from a fundraiser appeared on social media showing what appeared to be a mock assassination of President Donald Trump.

Sandoval later said neither he nor his staff was aware that an entertainment vendor had a beverage dispenser shaped like a rifle and pointed it at someone wearing a Trump mask.

Seems like corrupt Democrats have been charged and arrested a lot lately.

–Dennis Tyler, the Democratic mayor of Muncie, Indiana, was arrested at his home after accepting a $5,000 bribe from federal agents.

— A federal wiretap caught Illinois Democratic state Rep. Luis Arroyo bribing a legislative colleague.

–Attorney General William Barr, the DOJ, and FBI coordinated with local police on a major case and hauled an entire Democratic Organization into court.

–Former Democratic Texas District Judge Rudy Delgado was arrested and charged with taking bribes from an informant.

–A prominent city clerk for Southfield, Michigan, was arrested and charged for forging records and falsely marking absentee ballots as invalid during the 2018 midterm election.

–Fall River Democratic Mayor Jasiel Correia was arrested on charges that he conspired to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies in his district.

–A Democrat superior court judge in Massachusetts was arrested after she “forcibly grabbed” her wife’s hair while she was holding a young child in their home.

–A Democratic Indiana state representative was arrested and charged after impersonating a police officer and trying to buy cocaine while driving under the influence.

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