BREAKING – Graham Delivers Devastating News To Trump

Senate Judiciary Chairman and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, one of President Donald trump’s staunchest supporters, had to give the president some bad news.

The senator said that the Senate unfortunately “does not have the votes” to dismiss the articles of impeachment before a trial.

“That’s dead for practical purposes,” he said on “Fox News Sunday.” “There are a lot of senators, who I think will wind up acquitting the president, that believe that we need to hear the House’s case, the president’s case and ask questions.”

“So, the idea of dismissing the case early on is not going to happen. We don’t have the votes for that,” he concluded.

The impeachment trial is set to begin on Tuesday and the opening arguments have been previewed by the House impeachment managers.

“There is no allegation of crime against the president,” he said. “When it comes to Donald Trump, [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi may pray privately, but she’s orchestrated the trial of holy hell.

“You took 48 days to impeach this president. You did not allow him to call any witnesses. He could not have a lawyer present during the House Intel Committee,” Graham said. “This has been a partisan railroad job.”

And if the Democrats think that they can call witnesses and protect former Vice President Joe Biden they are sorely mistaken.

“If we call one witness, we’re gonna call all the witnesses,” the South Carolina senator said.

“The sooner this is over, the better for the country,” he said. “We can get back to doing the business of the American people and do things that really matter to them.”

The senator said that the president was focused on more important things than this sham impeachment when asked about what President Trump’s mindset is.

“His hope is to go to the State of the Union [on Feb. 4] and talk about what he wants to do for 2020 and the next four years, he said.

“He is comfortable with the idea that this is going to turn out well for him,” he said.

The Democrats want this trial and witnesses so bad, but they have no idea what they are asking for. When Pandora’s box is opened and the truth about their scheming from day one of this presidency, and their shady deals in the Ukraine, are known to everyone, it is they who will suffer at the ballot box.

The impeachment cannot be dismissed before a trial, but the Democrats are going to wish it was.

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