BREAKING: Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower BUSTED – Congress Sent Notice

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats are ramming ahead with an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump over a phone call he had back in July with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Democrats are relying heavily on a so-called whistleblower who filed a complaint about the call.

The transcript of Trump’s call with Zelensky has been released to the public and the complaint has been made available for all members of Congress to read.

But in recent days, two bombshell reports show that the whistleblower lied numerous times — and Congress just sent a major notice.

Republicans are asking for the sources a whistleblower used to create the complaint against Trump that didn’t include any firsthand information or direct knowledge of the information it offered.

GOP lawmakers questioned why those officials mentioned as sources in the report didn’t file their own complaint against Trump.

Let’s start with the complaint.

The complaint alleges that Trump directly asked Zelensky to turn over DNC servers to his administration — but no such request appears in the transcript of the July 25 phone call.

Furthermore, the complaint also claims (1) Trump suggested Zelensky keep his current prosecutor and (2) that a State Department official was on the call between the two leaders.

As noted by Fox News, we now know both of those claims are also false.

Finally, the complaint alleged Trump was trying to hide the call and didn’t want anyone to know about it.

Congressional Republicans have proven that is also a false claim and that the Trump administration logged the call and followed all protocols.

The whistleblower filed a complaint about a call that they never heard, and Democrats want Trump impeached over a call that they also never heard.

But wait, it gets even better.

The Office of Intelligence Community Inspector General found that the “whistleblower” had a “political bias” in favor of one of Trump’s rivals in the 2020 presidential election.

On Monday night, Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge reported that the so-called whistleblower told the ICIG they had first-hand knowledge — but they wrote in the complaint that they had no first-hand knowledge.

Whistleblower Protection protocols require “first-hand knowledge” when filing a complaint. This person was not even present for the phone call.

The whistleblower is lying on so many levels.


Now, let’s discuss the notice that has been sent.

Republicans sent a notice requesting more information about the whistleblowers sources given at least 4 claims they made in their complaint have been proven to be false.

Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, told Fox News that the administration had an apparent “leak problem,” adding, “if they’re leaking something that’s supposed to be classified, then … that probably is criminal in nature.”

“Let’s find out,” Biggs said when asked if he wanted to see the whistleblower’s sources.

The complaint is plagued with so many inaccuracies that CBS News reported last week that the whistleblower complaint further inaccurately claimed that a State Department official was on the call with Zelensky.

Not a single State Department official was on the call.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham is also demanding more information.

“It is imperative we find out which White House official talked to the whistleblower and why. Why didn’t they lodge the complaint?” he asked on Twitter.

“When I think of whistleblower complaints I generally think of someone with first-hand knowledge of the events in question,” Graham added.

Trump is also calling for an inquiry into the whistleblower’s sources.

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