California Sues Trump After POTUS Overruled Obama’s Special Regulation

President Trump came into office promising to get rid of many of the useless and burdensome regulations Obama saddled this nation with.

There must be a fine balance between regulations that protect people and regulations that go too far and destroy industry and by all accounts, Obama went too far.

Trump has succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams on this regulatory front and it seems California is trying to fight back.

Won’t work. The law is on his side and he has full power to overrule Obama and take the waiver back.

From The Hill:

The state of California is suing the Trump administration for details behind the decision it made to lower the standards on tailpipe emissions for cars and trucks.

The suit filed by the Golden State on Friday demands the Trump administration release the underlying data and analysis it used to determine that it was lawful to weaken the existing emissions standards without threatening increased pollution.

The lawsuit was filed by the California Air and Resources Board (CARB) against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Both agencies were responsible for jointly establishing the rule change, announced officially in August and called the Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Rule.

California officials argue the Trump administration failed to previously provide the details under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed in September.

“In a stark departure from prior rulemakings, critical information underlying EPA’s and NHTSA’s analyses was not disclosed,” CARB’s suit read.

“As very serious flaws in the agencies’ analyses and conclusions are evident–and the resulting proposals threaten public health–CARB submitted (Freedom of Information Act) requests to both agencies for documents concerning vehicle fleet composition, new car sales, vehicle safety, battery technology, and other information that NHTSA and EPA used in proposing to roll back vehicle emission and fuel economy standards.”

The Trump administration’s new rule announced last August proposes to freeze emissions standards at their 2020 levels without further increasing their stringency. The standards determined under the Obama administration would continue to raise emissions standards in steps. The new rule has not yet been finalized nor implemented.

California’s attorney general promised at the time that the state would sue.

Friday’s lawsuit seeks to obtain various details pertaining to the information the Trump administration used to establish its basis for rolling back the rule — a method that appears to look to poke holes in the science the federal government relied on to show lowered regulations would maintain a similar level of pollution and emissions protection.

“Governor Newsom’s Administration is seeking release of these documents to shine a light on how and why the Trump Administration decided to arbitrarily roll back Obama-era clean air standards, and in doing so, do serious damage to America’s efforts to combat climate change,” read a statement from CARB. “Unless these documents are made public, California and other supporters of clean air will never know who or what industry players are behind the attempt to weaken clean car rules.”

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