Camera Caught One Thing In Kamala Harris’s Crowd That Could End Her 2020 Chances

The Democrats obviously have a serious issue with enthusiasm heading into the 2020 election.

When all you do is whine and complain President Donald Trump — voters will continue to become more disgusted.

And that is obviously happening with Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who has been sliding in the polls since her “viral” moment at the first debate with former Vice President Joe Biden.

During a recent campaign rally, Harris couldn’t get more than a few dozen supporters into a room — and that could end her 2020 campaign.

In a video of the event, those who attended didn’t even seem excited to be speaking with Harris.

It’s also possible that several of the people in the room were part of Harris’s campaign, meaning even fewer supporters actually attended the event.


Harris has made a slew of controversial comments in recent months.

Immediately after the two mass shootings earlier this month in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, Harris responded by sending out an email in which she begged supporters to donate to her 2020 campaign.

Just consider that: immediately after two horrific shootings, Harris’s first thought was to send out social media posts and emails begging for money to help her 2020 campaign.

Harris revealed last month that one of the first actions she would take as president would be to force Americans to pay reparations to descendants of slaves.

While speaking with fired ESPN host Jemele Hill on a podcast, Harris made it clear she believes that “writing a check” to the descendants of slaves is not “going to be enough” when it comes to reparations.

Instead, Harris is in favor of forming a commission to study reparations and wants the government to use taxpayer money to write checks and create programs in various sectors for the descendants of slaves.

Harris wants to go above and beyond to compensate descendants of slaves — and YOU, the taxpayer, will be stuck footing the bill.

“We need to address how we’re going to do it… because back to the point I was making about home ownership…back to the point I was making about disparities around education… you can look at health outcomes when you know that black women are three to four times more likely to die in connection with child birth,” Harris said.

She added: “So there’s a lot that has to be about looking at this in a way that is about structural and systemic investment in communities.”

Things have been so bad for Harris that her own father went public recently and revealed that she is a “total fraudster.”

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