Canadian Chiropractor Faces Suspension For Vaccine Posts

A Canadian chiropractor who made posts online regarding vaccines is facing the suspension of her license.

Dena Churchill, who operates Oxford Chiropractic Inc., is currently suspended pending a complete investigation. Churchill has 16 allegations against her all stemming from vaccine posts across five various social media websites.

She’s accused of “marketing activities that were not professional, truthful, verifiable, [or] clear,” “conduct not meriting the respect of the public for members of the profession” and “posting information, comments and images that may be perceived as disgraceful, dishonorable or unprofessional.”

Additionally, the allegations go on to say that Churchill posted the information online “when she knew or ought to have known that such posts were prohibited by or contrary to” the college’s policies and the chiropractic regulations.

Churchill will face a “competency hearing” that’s scheduled for next week. A committee of the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors will be tasked with reviewing the allegations against Churchill.

While it isn’t clear what information/views Churchill posted, the allegations use the term “discredited views on vaccines” in describing her post. It’s likely that Churchill’s online post ran counter to the government, medical communities perspectives.


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