Cancer, Fascism & Big Pharma – The American Nightmare

Fascism is defined as the blending of the power of corporations and the state.

What I present to you here is a list of vital questions so many should be asking and demanding answers for … so lets get started …

  • Why is it the that the cure rate for cancer in America, which boasts the most technologically advanced medical facilities, is so dismal?
  • Why is it that America outspends any other country on this planet by an average of about 10-1 with respect to health care, and yet we have the highest failure rate in cancer treatment in the industrialized world?
  • Why is it that the only direct profit sharing of any drugs offered to M.D.s is chemotherapy drugs?
  • Why is it that it is illegal for anyone but an M.D. to treat cancer in America?
  • Why is it that if a Naturopathic or a Homeopathic practitioner attempts to treat cancer (as it should be treated), they either end up in prison, or if they are very successful … DEAD?
  • Why is it that in order to greatly increase your chances of surviving most forms of cancer you must leave the USA and seek treatment in foreign nations?
  • Why is it that chemotherapy, which has well over a 90 percent failure rate, and is proven to have a massive toxic effect on the body of the recipient, is still prescribed for almost all cancer sufferers?
  • If a diagnosis of cancer immediately makes you worth $250,000 to $500,000 … and with well over a million new cases being diagnosed each year, why would it be profitable to EVER develop a cure … or make those available outside the USA available inside the USA?
  • Have you (like so many others) lost a family member or a loved one to cancer? Knowing what you know now, that it could have been treated, controlled and in MANY cases cured, without the massive suffering or (in far to many unnecessary cases) inevitable death associate with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery …
  • How many of you are aware of the fact that the pharmaceutical industry outspends their closest rival in lobbying our leaders by about 500 percent, making this industry by far the most powerful influence (or the biggest puppet masters) on our elected leaders?


These are the questions … please watch these short videos below for some shocking answers.

and …

Now please try to understand the truth in the title, and opening line of this article now … Fascism is defined as the blending of the power of corporations and the state. The massive number of cancer related deaths we suffer in America are totally unnecessary … Unless you are Big Pharma and literally control this government and thus by default its health agencies such as the FDA and CDC. This is Fascism at its most blatant! It’s well past time to speak out …

Or continue to die passively like good little lab rats …

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