Adam Schiff Accused Of Leaking Classified Information By President Trump

California Rep. Adam Schiff has been engaging in shady practices ever since President Donald Trump was elected in 2016.

He has been suspected of leaking information during the Mueller investigation and the impeachment investigation into the president.

But now President Trump is pointing the finger of blame at Schiff again, he said, for leaking an intelligence report about Russian interference in the 2020 presidential election.

“Just another Shifty Schiff leak. Isn’t there a law about this stuff?”  the president said on Twitter to a report tweeted by CBS reporter Catherine Herridge.

“Source familiar w/house intel briefing told @CBSNews YESTERDAY briefers were pressed by lawmaker for evidence to back up claim Russia trying to help POTUS 2020. WATCH: WH National Security Adviser,” Herridge said.

It is not the first time a member of the Trump family has accused Rep. Schiff of being behind leaks to the press.

In an interview on Fox News in January Donald Trump Jr. said that he is 99.9 percent certain that Schiff was leaking to the media.

“I came out of testimony 8:00 at night,” he said.  “And CNN is running quotes from noon on about my testimony. You know, in the House Intelligence Committee, I mean, that has to say something about what is going on and who they are. Since he’s never met a camera he didn’t love, I would bet a lot of money that it was him.”

The president himself leveled the same charge in an interview with the Wall Street Journal in January.

“All I see of these Democrats, like Adam Schiff — it’s all he does, he’ll have a meeting, and then he’ll leave, and he’ll call up the meeting, and then I’ll have a meeting and then he’ll leave,” he said.

“He left meetings where people are being interviewed, and then all of a sudden they say a story about what’s going on inside the meetings,”

The president was said to be furious with Joseph Maguire, the outgoing director of national intelligence, for having a briefing on the alleged meddling that have Schiff involved.

“We count on the intelligence community to inform Congress of any threat of foreign interference in our elections. If reports are true and the President is interfering with that, he is again jeopardizing our efforts to stop foreign meddling. Exactly as we warned he would do,” Schiff said on Twitter in response to The New York Times report.

We also expect our Congress members to keep classified information to themselves.

Leaking classified information is a crime and if Schiff was found to have done it he could be in major trouble.

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