Chuck Schumer’s Worst Nightmare About 2020 Just Became A Reality

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has not had a great year. After failing miserably to stop President Donald Trump’s agenda, the New York Democrat just got hit with news about the 2020 presidential election that ruins everything for him.

And now, Schumer’s worst nightmare just became a reality.

Since failing to retake the U.S. Senate in 2018, Schumer’s problems have only continued to mount from there.

After the second round of of the Democratic presidential debates last week in Detroit, Schumer apparently was horrified watching the Democrats ripping each other apart in front of millions of Americans.

Schumer is petrified that Democrats are not united, particularly on big issues such as healthcare, which will only give President Trump more ammunition in the general election.

As detailed by The Washington Times, Schumer is deeply afraid Trump is going to cruise to a second term in office.

The Senate’s top Democrat Wednesday papered over the deep divisions on health care that emerged in the previous night’s presidential primary debate, saying the fight within his party is nothing compared to the gap between Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats’ presidential candidates sparred Tuesday over plans by the party’s left wing to embrace Sen. Bernard Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ proposal for a full government takeover of health insurance. Mr. Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren defended the proposal against more moderate Democrats who said they didn’t want to oust people from existing plans they like.

The debate turned testy, with Mr. Sanders’ opponents telling him he was in danger of costing the party its chance to unseat President Trump.

Former Rep. John Delaney accused the two liberal senators of peddling “fairy-tale economics.”

Mr. Schumer acknowledged the fierce debate, but said at least all Democrats on the stage were arguing over how best to expand coverage.

Schumer has every reason to be worried.

Given his party continues to push socialist policies, he is well-aware that this will push moderate and Independent voters to either vote for Trump or not vote at all.

Both would be catastrophic for Democrats, who will need historic turnout to defeat Trump in 2020.

And if Democrats can’t even agree on basic issues like healthcare, only time can tell how much the divide will grow on other questions such as whether or not Democrats can impeach Trump from office.

This comes less than a week after Schumer conceded that Democrats should give up on impeachment.

Schumer told reporters on Tuesday that he supports House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to wait on a formal impeachment inquiry until more evidence can be gathered.

“I believe that Speaker Pelosi is handling this appropriately,” Schumer said when asked if he planned to change his opinion on impeachment proceedings.

In other words, Schumer is admitting that Democrats don’t have the votes or evidence to impeach the president.

The future is not looking good for Schumer.

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