CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo gets Exposed By Biker Who Details Argument

Chris Cuomo, the CNN host of “Cuomo Prime Time” and brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is like a one man propaganda machine.

And sometimes when you lie for a living you get caught in your lies. That is what happened to the CNN host and he does not like it.

The anchor said that he was finally able to see his family again after being quarantined due to catching coronavirus.

But that was not correct, even by his own admission, as he admitted to getting into a confrontation with a biker.

“I don’t want some loser, fat tire biker to be able to pull over and get in my face and in my space. I don’t want to hear it,” Cuomo said on his Sirius XM show.

That biker has now spoken about the incident to Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, after he informed the New York Post of what happened and that means Cuomo’s game of hiding his own breaking of the rules is over.

“”Well, first I’d like to say I probably could beat him in a bike race even though he’s a lot older than me, I mean younger than me,” the biker, David Whalen, said.

“The important thing is it was Easter Sunday, evening, it was chilly and cold. I grew up about a thousand feet from where he is building his new house, nothing but a steel frame. I go by, down the trail that runs past where his new structure is being built and there’s a bunch of people there, I’ve been writing for seven or 8 miles, take a little break and just walking. And a woman says ‘may I help you,’ I said ‘no I’m just walking.’

“And she starts walking a little closer, and they’re pretty far away. I have very good eyes, and Chris Cuomo turns around and he spoke, it’s Chris Cuomo.

“I’m fairly outspoken, I just said ‘don’t you have the coronavirus? Shouldn’t you be quarantined?’ I think his next words were ‘what the heck do you know about this? What do you know about the rules? ‘

“He continued to come closer and closer, and I would like to say he’s like all boiling pot, you could see his head getting more and more angry. And I said ‘so are you gonna lose your temper like you did on the guy at shelter island?’

“Basically, I just said y’ou have coronavirus, what are you doing out here? You’re supposed to be home,’” he said.

“I said ‘you’re not supposed to be out here,’ nobody had gloves on, nobody had masks on, there was three children, young adolescents and I believe his wife, I’m pretty sure I have seen pictures now. And then there was a third adult.

“ So, you know, they’re out there. You probably have cabin fever like everybody that in this situation has, and maybe if they had said we have masks, we just drove out here, they don’t live there. It’s a steel structure. I kind of understand, I would have just moved on. But he told me he was going to meet me, and he goes ‘you will meet me over this, you will meet me again over this.’ At that point he’s now getting about 40 feet away,” he said.

Carlson described Cuomo as having “roid rage” and Whalen said that he felt threatened by the anchor.

“I backed away, they didn’t get within 6 feet of me. But they started getting closer and I said you know something, I wasn’t trying to antagonize the guy. It was real simple. What are you doing out here? You’re on TV every night,” he said.

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