CNN President Caught On Another Undercover Video; He Said The UNTHINKABLE

Project Veritas has been dropping bombs this week exposing CNN’s extreme bias against President Donald Trump.

Several of the recordings are finally here, and they confirm what we have all known about CNN and their inner workings.

But CNN’s President Jeff Zucker has been exposed big time this week.

On several recordings, Zucker was seen and heard telling his staff to obsessively stay focused on impeachment above all else.

The recordings also reveal CNN’s daily 9 a.m. phone calls, where they discuss what Zucker wants covered on the network that day.

Several CNN employees are seen revealing that Zucker forces them to push negative stories about Trump every day, whether they want to or not.

One clip showed a CNN media coordinator saying that Zucker has a “personal vendetta against Trump.”

Project Veritas released Part III on Thursday, which exposes the network’s movement away from objective news gathering and towards partisan advocacy.

The undercover video reveals Zucker making it clear that the network will do nothing but “go after Trump all the time.”

Zucker said:

“So, my point here is, I know there’s 7,000 impeachment stories that – Look, I am the one that’s saying we should just stay on impeachment, but when, you know, when a story of this magnitude comes up (referring to the story of alligators and snakes in a moat and shooting immigrants in the legs) and you can objectively say, you’re out of your mind. You should do it and say you’re out of your mind.”

Below are several of the main quotes from CNN officials, via Project Veritas:

  • According to CNN insider Cary Poarch, I want to chase the facts, like the motto that CNN put out earlier this year, ‘the facts first,’ that’s what I want the news to be. That’s what it should be. That’s what it used to be.”  It appears a number of CNN staffers agree:
  • Patrick Davis, Manager of Field Operations at CNN: “…I hate seeing what we were and what we could be and what we’ve become. It’s just awful…I mean, we could be so much better than what we are…And the buck stops with him (Zucker).”
  • “I haven’t listened to a 9AM call in about 15 years. I just stopped,”complains Manager of Field Operations at CNN Patrick Davis, “Just, I can’t listen to it. It’s all bullshit. It’s all just a bunch of bullshit. And I wish that wasn’t the case.”
  • Scott Garber, Senior Field Engineer at CNN: “We used to cover news. We used to go out and do stories…But Trump is more important.”
  • Adia Jacobs, CNN Technical Operations Supervisor: “When Zucker took over it wasn’t until Trump that we ended up being all Trump all the time.”
  • Nick Neville, CNN Media Coordinator: “He (Zucker) basically said f**k all the other stories.”
  • Mike Brevna, Floor Manager at CNN:It’s the Trump Network, dog. It’s like everything is all Trump…they not even thinking about anybody else. They sold themselves to the devil.” 
  • Gerald Sisnette, Field Production Supervisor at CNN: “This is a story that’s not gonna go away…The only way this will go away is when he (Trump) dies. Hopefully soon.”
  • Patrick Davis, Manager of Field Operations at CNN: “And you learn it in journalism school, we’re supposed to be middle of the road, that’s our job. Now it’s just infotainment is all it’s become. There is no true media news outlet.”

Christian Sierra, CNN Media Coordinator: “…conflict is what sells, nobody wants to hear one-minute canned statements…Because conflict drives clicks…create clicks, get more money.”

Poarch concludes: “I want CNN and any other outlet to basically return to what they once were, where hey, we tune in to get our facts. We can make up our minds left, right, center, whatever. Cool, and we go on with our lives. I don’t want anyone to basically, you know, be spun into believing or programmed into believing one way or the other. That’s not what I’m about and that’s why I’m coming forward.” 


Project Veritas stated that it will release several more videos in the coming weeks exposing the inner workings at CNN and how their mission is to literally smear, attack, and go after Trump every single day.

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