CNN Reporter Makes Game Changing Discovery In Minnesota, Omar Will HATE This

Radical Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar may be popular with Democrats, but it appears her antics and comments are pushing several voters in her home state of Minnesota towards President Donald Trump and Republicans.

Minnesota is arguably one of the bluest states in America, meaning it is almost always a guaranteed win for Democrats during presidential elections.

But things may be very different in 2020 — and even CNN is admitting that Trump could seriously win Minnesota.

CNN reporter Martin Savidge spoke with voters in Minnesota, and he was forced to admit that the typically left-leaning state is “turning to Trump.”

Savidge found that Minnesota voters are “more and more aligned” with Trump.

Once a Democratic stronghold, many of the voters we talk to here say more and more, they align with the President. This is mining country. Not coal mining, but taconite, a mineral used in making steel. Forty or fifty years ago, the Iron Range, as it’s called, was booming bringing big city prosperity to small towns like Eveleth.

The mayor of Eveleth, Minn., Robert Vlaisavljevich, admitted that he votes Democrat locally but is a Trump supporter.

“He’s our guy, he supports mining. He’s our guy,” Vlaisavljevich said.

He’s not alone.

“Folks here say they didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left them,” Savidge reported.

Melissa Axelson, a local resident whose husband works for a mining company, says Democrats have changed and no longer represents her views.

“Conservative candidates seem to be more for the working person.” Mike Volker told CNN, adding that “the Democrats kinda shifted more to the left and the Republicans are … the party for jobs.”

Minnesota Duluth Political Science Professor Cindy Rugeley declared: “I don’t think, by any means, this is the lock down Democratic state that it used to be.”

Savidge spoke with a couple, perhaps in their fifties. The man said, “Her brothers were staunch union Democrats for years and they’re not anymore.”

Savidge tells viewers that “Trump’s tariffs on imported steel are popular. So is his easing of environmental regulations. They also like his crackdown on immigration.”

Savidge shifts gears by stating: “In a state that’s 80% white, the influx of Somali refugees has been a contentious issue. Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is a controversial figure here.”

The mayor said, “She offends a lot of people.”

Savidge says, “she’s not popular here.”

“No, not at all,” responds the mayor.

“Folks here say they didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left them.”


In 2016, Trump lost Minnesota by around 44,000 votes.

Hillary Clinton won 46.9 percent of the vote compared to Trump getting 45.3 percent.

To Mayor Vlaisavljevich’s point, it wouldn’t surprise many that Omar’s controversial comments and actions are pushing more voters to support Trump.

Since becoming a member of Congress back in January, Omar has been engulfed in countless controversies.

Omar is facing allegations that she married her own brother for the sole purpose of committing marriage, immigration, and tax fraud.

New allegations also emerged last week that Omar may be using a different name.

Before that, Trump and many others blasted Omar for describing 9/11 as “some people did something” rather than saying a group of al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four airplanes, ran two of them into the Twin Towers, and killed almost 3,000 Americans.

When Omar served as a state legislature in Minnesota in 2016, 9 Somali refugees were arrested and found guilty of attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

Prior to sentencing, Omar wrote a letter to the judge overseeing the case and begged for leniency for the Islamic extremists.

Omar begged the judge in a letter to be “compassionate” to the would-be terrorists.

With all of this considered, it’s not surprising that voters in Minnesota are sick of Democrats and beginning to support Trump.

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