CNN’s Acosta Calls Trump Admin A ‘Mess’ – Gets Pummeled Into SILENCE

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has a long history of making everything about himself while trying to go after President Donald Trump.

This was on full display again this week.

During a White House press briefing on Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with the media about Trump announcing that he had fired national security adviser John Bolton.

When Pompeo called on Acosta, the CNN clown smugly asked if the Trump administration’s national security team is a “mess” and nonfunctional.

“Absolutely not. That’s the most ridiculous question I’ve ever heard of,” Mnuchin said.

Both Mnuchin and Pompeo turned to each other and started laughing after the comment.


This is the second time in less than a month where Acosta has been utterly destroyed when trying to go after the Trump administration.

While taking questions from the media at the Group of Seven (G7) Summit lat month, Trump spoke on a range of topics from countless reporters from all over the world.

But Trump didn’t call on Acosta — and CNN’s resident activist did not like that.

Perhaps trying to have a viral moment, Acosta waited until Trump was leaving the stage following the press conference and began shouting questions at the president.

Acosta shouted over others in the room and tried asking Trump — who had already left the stage — about climate change.


Acosta — looking for more attention — immediately took to Twitter after making a fool of himself and tweeted: “At the end of the news conference I asked Trump whether he believed in climate change. He walked away from the stage and didn’t answer the question.”

The video clearly shows that Trump was already leaving the stage when Acosta began shouting at him.

But that didn’t stop Acosta from trying to act self-righteous and tough on Twitter.

“At the end of the news conference I asked Trump whether he believed in climate change. He walked away from the stage and didn’t answer the question,” Acosta wrote.

Acosta fired off another tweet afterwards claiming that Trump did hear his question and should have responded.

“As this video shows, Trump walks away from perfectly capable of hearing the questions on whether he believes in climate change. He clearly heard and he didn’t want to answer it. Saying you want “clean air” and “clean water” isn’t the same as recognizing the climate change threat,” Acosta wrote in another tweet, sounding even more desperate.

Acosta’s question was in response to Trump skipping a meeting on climate change with world leaders at the G-7.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham later said that Trump missed the session due to “scheduled meetings and bilaterals” with the leaders of Germany and India, adding that “a senior member of the administration attended in his stead.”

But more importantly, Acosta has a long history of making a fool of himself when trying to go after Trump.

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