TV Doctors Defend Trump, Slam Media For Coronavirus Coverage

Fear of the coronavirus spreading throughout the United States is something that a lot of Americans are deeply worried about.

While President Donald Trump and several top health officials have publicly declared that they have the situation under control and are taking countless measures to ensure the public is safe, the mainstream media has been running endless doom-and-gloom segments for weeks.

Now, two well-known doctors who appear on cable news often have come forward to slam the media for continuing to push fears about coronavirus.

During an interview Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Drew Pinsky reminded viewers that the coronavirus has a 98 percent survival rate, even higher when it infects healthy people, and 80 percent of those who get it have little to no symptoms.

“For the vast majority of people, even if they do get this infection, they will have minimal or no symptoms,” Gupta began.

“80 percent, according to some of the largest studies, have minimal tor no symptoms,” the doctor added.

“People who are more likely to be affected by this are people who have preexisting illnesses, people who are elderly, similar to what we see with flu,” he said.

“Right now I think the worry is still low,” Gupta said. “I think there are 57 people in this country who have been conclusively diagnosed with this infection, there could be more, again, who don’t have any symptoms or have minimal symptoms.”

Gupta told viewers that it would be best to follow the advice of the Centers For Disease Control.

“Luckily, again, it seems that the vast majority of people will have minimal or no symptoms but this could be something that we deal with as a world now in the weeks and months going forward,” he concluded.


Pinsky — who many refer to as Dr. Drew — had a much more pointed message for the media. 

The press is overreacting, and it makes me furious!” Pinsky said on “Daily Blast Live.”

“The press should not be reporting medical stories as though they know how to report it. If we have a pandemic, I won’t know how to tell that we’re actually having a pandemic because everything is an emergency!” he said.

“People that are infectious disease specialists, the CDC, the epidemiologists, need to take this very seriously. The press needs to shut up!” he said. “You’re more likely to die of influenza right now.”

Pinsky came back to the show weeks later, after the media hype got even more intense, as was asked if he felt the same way.

“We have, in the United States, 24 million cases of flu-like illness, 180,000 hospitalizations, 16,000 dead from influenza,” he said. “Why is that not being reported? Why isn’t the message ‘get your flu shot?’”

“We have zero deaths from coronavirus. We have almost no cases,” he said. “It’s coming here. The community transmitted case you reported on from UC Davis … That means that it’s far milder than we know it is.

“There are people walking around out there with the virus that don’t even know they have it it’s so mild,” the doctor said.

“It’s going to be much more widespread than we knew. It’s going to be much milder than we knew. The 1.7 percent fatality rate is going to fall,” he said.


Many certainly agree with the two doctors that those in the media spreading doom-and-gloom for the sole purpose of attacking President Trump should stop immediately.

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