Cory Booker ‘Sept 30’ Memo Leaks; He Didn’t Want This To Get Out

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker made a huge revelation this week — and his presidential ambitions could be completely dead in just a few days.

Booker’s presidential campaign manager Addisu Demissie warned in an internal memo to staff that Booker must raise an additional $1.7 million by Sept. 30 – just 7 days away – or the campaign will not have a “legitimate long-term path forward.”

As noted by Fox News, Demissie warned in the memo that following a weaker than expected cash haul during the early part of September, “the next 10 days will determine whether Cory Booker can stay in this race.”

Demissie explained in his memo, “If our campaign is not in a financial position to grow, he’s not going to continue to consume resources and attention that can be used to focus on beating Donald Trump, which needs to be everyone’s first priority.”

It’s unclear how the memo leaked to the media and whether it was intentional or not.

Some have suggested it was leaked and then the campaign acted as if they wanted it made public so they could boost fundraising numbers.

Either way, it’s certainly an unusual strategy for Booker to basically say he needs $1.7 million in a week or he will drop out of the presidential race.

Booker announced back in April that he would be running for president, but he has struggled mightily in the polls since then.

Booker’s memo magically leaking to the media isn’t the first time he has appeared to pull a stunt like this for attention.

Back in July, Booker illegally escorted five migrants across the border from Mexico into the United States.

Booker crossed the El Paso, Texas, port of entry into Ciudad Juarez with immigrant rights attorneys and advocates to help five women get admitted into the U.S. after they had been sent back to Mexico.

“These women had really horrific stories,” Booker told reporters in El Paso. “They are survivors of sexual violence, attacks. They are being preyed upon. They have legitimate fears. This policy that we have, what it’s doing is pushing people who are already vulnerable back into a dangerous situation.”

In defending his actions, which likely violated federal immigration laws, Booker wrote in a series of tweets that the women had been abused and did not have adequate food, water and medical attention while detained in the U.S.

He slandered U.S. border patrol officials and defended the migrants.

“These stories are profoundly alarming, but my words can’t begin to capture the pain. Their very human dignity is under assault, and it’s being done in our name,” Booker wrote.

Booker practically admitted that he only went to the border as a political stunt.

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