Cory Booker Tries To Censor Trump, Demands POTUS Cancel Rally: ‘Breeding Ground For Racism’

“What’s overwhelmingly clear is that Trump coming to New Hampshire will only stoke further dangerous acts and threaten America’s safety,” said the scandalous statement fro Cory Booker.

“Our country deserves better in the Oval Office,” continued the statement as Cory Booker demanded President Trump cancel his planned rally in New Hampshire.

This is the left – trying to limit political discourse in the name of protecting people. Booker also said Trump’s rallies of being breeding grounds for racism and bigotry.

From The Gateway Pundit: The left is using the back-to-back mass shootings as an opportunity to attack the 2nd Amendment and now they’re coming for 1 A.

Democrat Senator and 2020 hopeful Cory Booker (NJ) demanded Trump’s Manchester rally next week and all future rallies be cancelled.

According to Cory Booker, President Trump and his supporters should not have 1st Amendment rights.

“[T]hese rallies serve as a breeding ground for racism and bigotry that inspire white nationalist attacks like the one in El Paso on Saturday,” Cory Booker said in a statement.

“They are despicable and have no place in New Hampshire, or anywhere in our country. That’s why Trump must cancel this rally.”

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