Court Files Come Back To Haunt Kamala, Shocking Donation Ruins 2020 Chances

Sen. Kamala Harris has a real shot at securing the 2020 Democratic nomination because she has proposed so many socialist policies and ideas that radical leftists strongly support.

She has also climbed in the polls because she endlessly attacks and smears President Donald Trump, which is what deranged liberals want to hear.

But recent court files have come back to haunt Harris and could completely torpedo her 2020 chances.

Harris, who now calls the president “vile,” accepted a campaign donation from Trump in 2011 during her campaign to be re-elected as California’s attorney general, according to Fox News.

Harris took a $5,000 contribution from Trump, who donated to both Republicans and Democrats when he was the head of the Trump Organization.

Here’s where things get interesting.

At the time, then-New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was the middle man between Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump when they donated to Harris’s campaign.

“The details were unearthed in an affidavit that was part of a 2013 ethics complaint by Donald Trump against Schneiderman, who Trump said gave him the impression a probe into Trump University was over when in fact the investigation was continuing. In the affidavit, Trump said that because he believed the investigation was over, he was willing to help out Schneiderman when he could,” Fox News reported.

“Mr. Schneiderman’s former transition committee leader asked my daughter Ivanka if she would arrange for me to make a contribution to a fundraising event sponsored by Mr. Schneiderman for newly elected California Attorney General Kamala Harris,” Trump wrote.

“In response, I made a $5,000 contribution to Ms. Harris’ campaign — the highest level of sponsorship listed in the invitation — and Ivanka attended the event together with some of Trump Org.’s other top executives,” Trump added in the affidavit.

Ivanka Trump’s affidavit regarding Schneiderman provided even more details about the donation to Harris.

“In September 2011, Mr. Schneiderman’s former transition committee leader again contacted me and said that Mr. Schneiderman would ‘greatly appreciate’ if I attended a fundraising event for newly elected California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris as Mr. Schneiderman’s guest,” her affidavit said.

“In response, my father made a $5,000 contribution to Ms. Harris’ campaign and I attended the fundraiser. At the event, an intimate gathering of New York business people, I was one of only a small handful of Mr. Schneiderman’s personal guests,” she said.

Ivanka Trump said that “not wanting to disappoint” Schneiderman, she “personally contributed $500 to Mr. Schneiderman’s re-election campaign in honor of his birthday.”

So, Harris has accepted over $5,000 in donations from Trump, the man she has called  “un-American,” “vile,” and undeserving of the White House.

She’s oozing with hypocrisy and has been exposed as a total fraud.

In public, she rails against Trump and smears him every chance that she gets.

But in private, she had no problem at all accepting a check from him years ago when she obviously wanted his support.

Beyond that, Harris has come under fire several times in recent months over her controversial actions and comments.

Last month, she criticized former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta for the plea deal he made with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

But now it appears that Harris, when she was a California prosecutor, made a similar deal when 20 women accused a politician of sexual misconduct.

Before that, Harris slipped up and accidentally revealed that as president, she will make it a top priority to force Americans to “write a check” to the descendants of slaves for reparations.

In May, she accused Russia of targeting her campaign.

When asked for proof, she ran scared.

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