Death Blow For Democrats – This Ends 2020 Chances

When Democrats look at the recent polls of black Americans showing massive support for President Donald Trump, they have to be terrified.

If the president scores anything more than ten percent of the black vote it would mean curtains for any chance the Democrats have to win the presidency in 2020.

And now Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera just gave the Democrats even more bad news when it comes to the election.

The Fox News mustachioed contributor said that he believes the president could gain as much as 40 percent of the Latino vote.

If that were to happen, along with his strides in the black community, we are talking about a 2020 landslide against the Democrats.

“I have a lot to say about the president’s prospect with Latino voters, it’s very important, but let me adder the fake university and, again the response, it had to be a trumpian scheme because they had Trump University so another fake university, they took it as another opportunity to insult the president, again, another revealing more evidence of the bias that is so malignant,” he said.

“He wakes up and reads The Washington Post, New York Times, goes online and sees story after story that is so negative toward him that it’s really pathetic. I think this president has an opportunity, a historic opportunity to do what George W. Bush did (and) earn like 40% of the Latino vote, it’s improbable given the fact that the president has done everything he can it seems to me as proud Latino and friend of the president, he’s done so much to alienate Latinos,” Rivera said.

“But, Geraldo, like he’s trying to alienate, if you want to come here legally, come here legally, that’s not a target to Latinos. A lot of people in the Latino community support the president because they came here legally, big difference,” one of the “Fox & Friends” hosts said.

“There is a big difference and I was with president at McAllen Texas, I believe that knowing this president as long as I have, decades, being around Trump Tower long before he contemplated running for president, seeing Latinos in every positions, executive to elevator operator, he has such affection for Latinos, he can do so much more to increase, he got 28 percent of the Latino vote last time, I think he has a chance as I said to get 40%,” Rivera said.

“Do you think the community is working on DACA, Geraldo, these are tax-paying working people that believe we should have sovereign borders, why do we put them in a box and saying this one issue will win them over?” the host said.

“I’m not putting Latinos in a box at all, I’m merely saying, the president wants a wall, the wall is obtainable, he’s getting it now, he can get the wall if he negotiates with the dreamers, give them, these are good folks, give them road to citizenship, they’ve been here an awfully long dangerous I just want the president — I know this guy, this is a president that just cares about people’s achievements, their skills, their attitude toward life and attitude, he doesn’t see black, brown, white, whatever it is, he sees people based on what they do for themselves and what they do for their families and what they do for their countries,” Rivera said.

“I think he can do better and I believe that he will do better come next November. I really think this is an area where he can grow and he can be historic, important Latino president, rice and beans Trump Tower and everything else,” he said.

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