Democrats Impeachment Plan LEAKS – This Is Utterly Absurd

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives officially passed both articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Wednesday night.

After months of barring House Republicans from taking part in closed-door hearings in the basement of Congress and refusing to even allow Republicans to select a single witness in the impeachment charade — Democrats are now in total desperation mode.

Betsy McCaughey, the former lieutenant governor of New York state, published a piece this week detailing how Democrats only have one plan: drag it out as long as possible.

Speaking with several Democrats and liberals, McCaughey wrote:

As the impeachment battle moves to the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is wisely holding the line against Democratic efforts to drag it out.

Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is demanding that Democrats be able to call new witnesses. He insists an impeachment trial has to “pass the fairness test.”

House Democrats have rushed to impeach President Donald Trump without evidence he committed a crime. They concocted two phony charges, “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress.” Then they rigged the House hearings to exclude testimony from the whistleblower, whose complaint was the pretext for impeachment. And bar witnesses requested by Republicans.

Schumer’s insistence on more witnesses — in addition to the 17 already grilled in the House — is a ploy to boost the House Dems’ pathetic case. Get ready for more demands for witnesses and investigations.

That’s right — Schumer has already sent Republicans a “list of demands” for the impeding Senate trial — but McConnell has already told him “no chance.”

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham is proposing a brief Senate trial, with no witnesses.

“Here’s what I want to avoid,” said Graham, “this thing going on longer than it needs to.”

Here’s how it will go, according to McCaughey:

House Dems will rehash their feeble case to the 100 Senators who serve as jurors. After the White House legal team rebuts, the Senate will deliberate and vote. It could all be done by mid-January. Better yet, start immediately, and have it done before Christmas.

Under the Senate’s long-standing impeachment rules, the trial format does not require witnesses. Schumer falsely claims no witnesses means a cover-up. He needs to read the rules.

Predictably, many Republicans seething over unfair House proceedings want witnesses. They’re salivating to put the Bidens, the whistleblower and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., on the hot seat.

But avoiding a battle over witnesses will allow the Senate to focus on the more important issue — the Democrats’ preposterous grounds for impeachment.

Almost one month before the impeachment trial likely moves into the Senate — Democrats are whining, issuing ridiculous demands, and already claiming the process is “rigged.”

Finally, the other team is up to bat and Democrats are screaming that the trial — which has not even happened — it totally unfair.

But beyond that, it’s clear to anyone who has been paying attention that Democrats have no case.

They have accused Trump of just about everything imaginable, and after months of wasting taxpayer dollars to hold impeachment hearings, they still can’t prove the president did anything wrong.

And McConnell has already revealed exactly what’s going to happen when the impeachment trial moves into the Senate in January.

Spoiler: It’s dead, Trump won’t be removed from office, and the Republican-led Senate will fully acquit the president of all the Democrats bogus charges.

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