Democrats Memo LEAKS – Entire Impeachment Plan Just Got Revealed

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi crossed the red line and caved to the radical wing of the Democratic Party.

She held off on trying to remove the president from office for a long time, but she agreed to launch an impeachment inquiry over a nothing burger phone call President Donald Trump had back in July with the Ukrainian.

The move is already blowing up in the Left’s face. And now an internal memo from the Democrats just leaked, and it reveals their entire impeachment plan.

Illinois Democratic Rep. Cheri Bustos, who chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, sent a memo to her colleagues advising them on messaging tactics regarding impeachment.

But it was leaked to the Axios – and the memo clearly admits that this entire impeachment scam is purely political.

The memo from Bustos is largely geared toward vulnerable Democrats in battleground districts that could decide who controls the U.S. House in 2020.

“Below is a memo with messaging guidance on the impeachment inquiry,” Bustos wrote in an email to House Democrats.

“This comes from research conducted by the DCCC’s pollsters over the past weeks. It reaffirms the strong position Democrats hold on this issue, due to the focus and restraint with which our Caucus has approached this pressing and serious matter. We hope you will find this guidance useful and we appreciate you keeping this within our Caucus.”

The memo then provided House Democrats with “message guidance,” which is where it becomes obvious that this is nothing more than a total sham to bring down the president for political purposes.

“When discussing Trump’s actions, keep the language simple, direct and values-based: President Trump abused his power and put himself above the law when he asked the Ukrainian President to interfere in the U.S. election,” the memo reads.

Finally, the memo says House Democrats should “focus on the biggest issues facing families in the country,” acknowledging that issues like health care and wages “continue to out-rank impeachment as priorities for voters, especially swing voters.”

There’s another big tell: Democrats are admitting that voters do not care about impeachment, yet it is all they talk about.

Do-nothing Democrats in Congress refuse to work with Republicans to pass anything that would help the American people because all they care about it removing Trump from office.

This memo makes that very clear.

Democrats concede that several other issues “out-rank impeachment as priorities for voters, especially swing voters.”

But the Left is still ramming ahead with their latest pipe dream of trying to remove the duly elected president from office because they hate him.

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