Dems Accuse Limbaugh Of 1 Crime That Could Get Him Thrown Of The Air

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has long been known as someone who doesn’t take crap from anyone. He tells it like it is, without fear.

Limbaugh has used his platform to promote the America First agenda for decades and played a big role in helping Donald Trump win the presidency.

And with the 2020 election around the corner, perhaps that’s why The New York Times accused Limbaugh of a crime that could get him thrown off the air.

In a recent “report,” the Times alleges Limbaugh, along with other conservative figures, holds the exact same views as the deranged shooter who carried out an attack in El Paso, Texas, earlier this month.

That’s right: the NYT actually claimed people like Limbaugh encouraged the shooter to carry out his attack, which left several people dead and even more injured.

By accusing Limbaugh of somehow being complicit in motivating the El Paso shooter, the NYT is essentially accusing him of a crime that could damage his career.

NewsBusters reports:

The liberal media will shamelessly blame its more conservative competitors for tragedies, given an opening, and the front-page of Monday’s New York Times climbed on board with a long investigative report under its new “The New Nativists” rubric: “How the El Paso Gunman Echoed The Words of Right-Wing Pundits.”

An online subhead claimed: “Language like ‘invasion’ and the ‘replacement’ of Americans has increasingly become a regular part of Fox News broadcasts, Rush Limbaugh shows and other prominent conservative media.” The Times dived deep into word-counting, courtesy of reporters Jeremy Peters, Michael Grynbaum, Keith Collins, and Rich Harris.

The story included graphic blocks of transcript excerpts from conservative personalities like Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh, plus other Fox News hosts and guests, with the reporters taking every opportunity to link the figures to white supremacist massacres.

Limbaugh responded to the Times hit piece with fire and fury on his radio program:

“This is from the New York Times. Boy, the New York Times is working overtime this weekend. Do you realize, ladies and gentlemen, I, your beloved host, am the reason the El Paso shooting happened?” Limbaugh asked.

He added: “So this is not new territory. Now, these are the same people who want to blame us in conservative media for inspiring the shooter in El Paso.”

Limbaugh said this is a reminder of how desperate liberals are to get him off the air:

“It’s been a constant attempt by the left since I started this program to discredit me, to impugn me. And their purpose has been to make sure I don’t acquire an even larger audience. They are trying to poison the minds of people who don’t listen into never trying the program. That’s the objective of it, and that’s always been the objective,” Rush asserted.

“And if they could get away with destroying all of us, I mean, they clearly would. But every effort that they have launched here has been successfully repelled and beaten back, both in terms of you, the audience, and the business side of the EIB Network. I just don’t have it in me to righteously indignant and “how dare they” because I think this is a flailing attempt, I think it’s a last-gasp attempt,” he added.

The liberal mainstream media can’t challenge people like Limbaugh on the merits of their arguments, so they are instead trying to get them thrown off the air so they can’t speak directly to millions of Americans.

Trying to claim that Limbaugh somehow motivated somebody as depraved as the El Paso gunman is sick and disgusting — but this is obviously how badly the want to get Rush off the air.

They don’t want Limbaugh to continue exposing the dirty tricks and corruption of the Democratic Party.

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