Dems Planning Supreme Court Surprise Attack That Will Infuriate Many Americans

The Supreme Court was one of the biggest issues in the 2016 presidential election, and it is shaping up to be a top priority again in 2020.

A new report reveals that several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are planning a Supreme Court surprise attack, and many Americans won’t like seeing what the Left has up their sleeve.

In 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump released a list of conservative judges that he would be considering for future Supreme Court vacancies.

Trump picked Justice Neil Gorsuch from this list, and then Justice Brett Kavanaugh from the expanded list.

The goal was to be transparent and give the American people access into the potential judges about who they are, their views, and how they have ruled on previous cases.

The Left has their own answer to Trump’s list — but they are refusing to release it to the public or tell anyone who their judges are.

Breitbart reports:

Conservatives contend that Democrats are keeping the list secret because it contains a who’s-who of judicial activists who believe in inventing new constitutional rights like taxpayer-funded abortion that are not found anywhere in the Constitution, and records of ignoring the plain wording of laws they do not personally like, or constitutional rights they disfavor like religious liberty or the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

The Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) launched a $1.1 million ad campaign on Tuesday informing voters that Democrats will not release their judges list, pressuring Democrats to do so as their presidential candidates debate on television for the first time this week. JCN also created a new website to build awareness on the issue,

“The radical left smeared Judge Kavanaugh,” the ad begins before using a quote from President Trump, where he reminds people of these left-wing attacks on Kavanaugh, “They tried to ruin his life, all in pursuit of political domination and control.”

“Now the same radicals want to pack the Court,” the narrator continues.

“They’ve built a secret list of judges that they won’t show anyone,” the ad goes on. “What are they hiding?”

JCN Chief Counsel Carrie Severino said in a statement:

President Trump was open and honest with the American people and has kept his promise. He released his list of judges, but Joe Biden and other Democrats running for president have yet to reveal theirs. Democratic candidates and liberal groups are campaigning to pack the courts with liberal judges, while keeping their list secret. Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden and all Democratic presidential candidates should stop hiding and release their list of potential Supreme Court nominees so the American people can judge for themselves.

Judicial appointments are one of President Trump’s strongest political issues, beginning when he promised to nominate federal judges and Supreme Court justices like the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who interpret federal law according to the words enacted by elected leaders, and who interpret the Constitution according to its original public meaning.

Biden has been rolling out some controversial “plans” for Republicans in recent weeks.

During an event late last month moderated by MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Biden doubled down on his position that Democrats have to work with Republicans, and suggested a “brass knuckles” approach and starting “real physical revolution.”

“If you start off with the notion there’s nothing you can do, well, why don’t you all go home then?” Biden said. “Or let’s start a real physical revolution if you’re talking about it. Because we have to be able to change what we’re doing within our system.”

As president, Biden is calling for a “real physical revolution” with conservatives and wants to appoint a slew of left-wing, activist judges to lifetime appointments on the Supreme Court.

That’s what is at stake in 2020.

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