Elizabeth Warren Gets CRUSHING News From Dem Party

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has outright refused to admit to voters that in order for many of her socialist plans to go into effect, taxes will have to be raised on the middle class.

Warren recently released a copy of her “cornerstone project,” and she immediately received crushing news from her own party.

Warren, who is the Democratic frontrunner in several polls, has made “Medicare-for-all” her top priority and pitch to voters.

The government-run, single-payer health care system would ostensibly provide universal coverage while abolishing private health insurance and costing taxpayers “just under $52 trillion” over the next decade.

After Warren released her plan, several top members of the Democratic Party went public to say they will never support it.

According to The Federalist, several top Democrats in the Senate have made clear that they wouldn’t support Warren’s “Medicare for All” plan if it came up for a vote.

Among those to express opposition to Warren’s plan are Democratic Sens. Tom Carper, Ben Cardin, Bob Menendez, and Mark Warner.

At issue for most of these Democrats is Warren’s choice to abolish private health insurance in favor of a system that is completely controlled and funded by the federal government — not to mention the incredible across-the-board tax hikes that would be necessary to pay for it.

Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned her party not to lean too far left.

“As a left-wing San Francisco liberal I can say to these people: What are you thinking? You can ask the left — they’re unhappy with me for not being a socialist,” Pelosi said.

Aside from the staggering $52 trillion cost — which could literally bankrupt the country — Warren also conceded that her Medicare-for-all plan could result in substantial job losses.

During an appearance Wednesday on New Hampshire Public Radio, Warren called it “part of the cost issue” when confronted with an estimate that nearly 2 million jobs could be lost.

Warren is foolishly arguing the government can take the premiums and medical expenses currently paid by the roughly 180 million who have insurance, add 40 million or so uninsured Americans, add roughly 20 million uninsured illegal aliens, and that the cost to cover all those people will be less but the medical care will be better.

There’s absolutely no way the U.S. government can afford Medicare for All unless taxes are raised substantially across the board on everyone.

And even then the government would still have to cut spending from other areas, such as Defense, to cover the cost.

This is what Democrats have planned for America if they win the election.

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