Elizabeth Warren Makes Official Bid to Challenge Trump For 2020 Presidential Run

The Democratic senator from Massachusetts made her public announcement to run in the 2020 presidential election. She is known as an advocate for greater control over banks and big corporations and supported by Schumer and Pelosi.

Warren, 69, who has never run for president before, is expected to be challenged by at least two more candidates for the Democratic nomination — former US Vice President Joseph Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders.

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Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren made an official bid for the presidency during her speech in Lawrence, Massachusetts. She called to fight against economic inequality, the “middle-class squeeze”, and to introduce more “accountability for the rich”. Specifically, she has suggested reforms aimed at Medicare for all and eliminating Washington, DC lobbyism in its current form.

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Warren claimed that the “billionaires and big corporations”, willing to get more profits, are responsible for the decline of the US middle class’ share of the total US income and stated that big businesses have achieved this by “enlisting politicians” to their cause via lobbying. The senator also said that she went into politics after the 2008 financial crisis to stop this.

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She first announced her intention to run for president on 31 January 2018, when she notified her supporters that she had formed an exploratory committee and started a fund raising campaign. However, the start of her campaign was overshadowed by a scandal around her claims of Native American identity. She has had to apologize twice over the last few weeks for her claims.

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The Native American ancestry controversy dates back to 2012, but gained new life in October, when Warren presented DNA test results that were supposed to bolster her claims. However, the move ignited outrage from Native Americans, including an official of the Cherokee Nation. The senator apologized and explained that her statements had been based on her own understanding of her family history.

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