Emergeny Room Promoting… EUTHANASIA!

An advertisement being run on TVs in the emergency rooms of a health system in Canada, where those who are hurting, injured, depressed and suffering wait for help, is promoting … euthanasia.

Officials with the Christian Institute in the United Kingdom described how the ads for Medical Aid in Dying are appearing at the emergency room for the William Osler Health System hospital.

“Campaigners have hit out at the adverts,” the report said, “saying they normalize deliberate killing, and present euthanasia as a ‘reasonable and even preferred method of alleviating suffering.’”

The institute quoted Wesley Smith, of the Discovery Institute, who said those who are in those waiting rooms are the “vulnerable,” who “may be afraid, in pain or depressed.”

He said:

The ad makes no mention of palliative care or other means to reduce or eliminate suffering without killing.

He also said:

It does not describe that counseling can help people regain the desire to live. There is no hint that suicide prevention services might be available. And it obscures the fact that MAiD is a euphemism for homicide by lethal injection,

Wesley J. Smith at National Review said it’s evidence that the Canadian medical system is “in the tank” for assisted suicides.

He said he’d been given a photo of a public information announcement at the hospital that is “pushing euthanasia to patients.”

“The ad oozes compassion. The visual is a photo of a male doctor’s hand gently resting on the arm of a woman in a hospital bed,” he explained.

The text explains how MAiD is a “medical service” where doctors “help eligible patients fulfill their wish to end their suffering.”

Toll-free phone number included.

This is profoundly abandoning,

Smith wrote.

Realize, these patients may be afraid. They may be in pain. They may be depressed. And what one act does the hospital from which they seek succor push? Killing.

Canada’s Supreme Court imposed authorization for euthanasia on the entire nation just a few years ago, and it’s now being made over into a positive right.

There, physicians now are being told to participate – or get out of medicine, the report said.

“Not only that, but access will almost surely soon be expanded from competent adults to include the legally incompetent, including children – the latter category pushed by pediatricians,” Smith explained.

In fact, such “killing” often now is being perceived as the “‘treatment’ of choice” for those with serious medical issues.

“At least, that’s my take away … and it makes perfect sense. A society that becomes obsessed with eliminating suffering quickly embraces eliminating the sufferer as a means,” he said.

The institute reported, “This follows news that a draft policy on euthanasia from a Toronto children’s hospital suggests the practice may be used on children in future, potentially without notifying the parents.”


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