FBI Raids Home Of Top Dem – What They Found Is STUNNING

The FBI has raided the residences of former officials with the United Auto Workers Union, a perennial supporter of Democrat candidates and causes, much like other unions.

In just one day in December 2015 the former head of the union, Gary Jones, spent $13,000 of the union’s money in an Arizona cigar shop, a federal complained said.

He purchased a dozen boxes of Ashton Double Magnums priced at $268 each and dozens more Ashton Monarchs priced at $274.50 each.

The store even wrote him a thank you note for his lavish purchase that said “Hi Gary, Thank you & Happy New Year,” The New York Times reported.

The lavish purchases, which also included Rolex watches, travel and other expenses, were documented in another federal complaint filed against one of the union’s leaders.

It said that Jones and others spent more than $60,000 on cigars and cigar related items paid for by the union between 2014 and 2018.

“And the cigar purchases were in turn just a small portion of the roughly $1 million in union money that court filings say U.A.W. officials spent on golf outings, four-figure dinners and monthslong villa rentals during regular retreats in Palm Springs, Calif., and elsewhere,” The Times said.

“The scandal comes on top of an investigation into company and union officials’ improper use of millions of dollars from a joint Fiat Chrysler-U.A.W. training center. Mr. Jones’s predecessor as president, Dennis Williams, is accused of encouraging the use of Fiat Chrysler funds meant for worker education as a way to pay for the extravagant spending in Palm Springs and other places,” it said.

Dennis Williams was the head of the union when he, on behalf of the United Auto Workers, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

“Hillary Clinton understands our issues on trade, understands the complexities of multinational economies and supports American workers, their families and communities,” he said in 2016.

“For many reasons, the UAW supports Hillary Clinton as the best choice for our members and our nation in the November election,” he said.

The United Auto Workers has been in bed with Democrats for decades and continues to be as near 50,000 auto workers went on strike in September and were cheered on by 2020 Democrat presidential candidates.

“I am proud to support the @UAW workers who are standing up to the greed of GM. Our message to GM is a simple one: End the greed, sit down with the UAW and work out an agreement that treats your workers with the respect and the dignity they deserve,” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said.

“Auto workers deserve good wages, comprehensive benefits, and economic security. I stand with @UAW as they strike to get what they deserve, and urge GM to come to the table and negotiate in good faith,” Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said.

Corrupt people stick together. Especially the corrupt people at the top as they fleece the workers.

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