Financial Incentives for Doctors to Vaccinate as Many Children as Possible – Keep Patients on Statins

There are monetary awards for doctors and other mainstream medical practitioners who maintain high levels of compliance for prescription drugs (including vaccines), and doctors’ visits.

These incentives to get more patients into their offices and to receive as many vaccines and prescription drugs as possible come from the insurance industry.

In 2016, the evidence for these medical financial kickbacks was displayed online with a pamphlet from Blue Cross (BC), Blue Shield (BS), and Blue Cross Network (BCN).

Here’s a screenshot of page 15 from their 2016 Provider Incentive Program pamphlet that offers financial awards for maintaining CDC vaccination schedules.

Health Care Outcomes Page Explanation
This page image below details instructions for provider (doctor) monetary incentives according to the percentage of children vaccinated who are two-years-old or younger.

Only those children who are enrolled under a BC, BS, or BCN insurance program are considered “enrolled” in the page descriptions above.

Once discovered, there was an outcry against the 2016 Provider Incentive Pamphlet from several concerned holistic practitioners and a few alternative health sites.

By early 2017, the 2016 information was removed from public…

Author: Paul Fassa

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