Watch As President Trump Makes Mockery of Bloomberg

President Donald Trump is not known for being subtle, and he certainly was not when he wrecked former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The president ended any momentum the billionaire Democratic presidential candidate, and former Republican had on Saturday.

Rump was speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference when he took aim at Bloomberg and how Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been owning him.

“They got some beauties – Crazy Bernie, Sleepy Joe. We got Mini-Mike, but I think he’s out of it,” the president said.

“Mini-Mike, I know him well. I knew that was going to happen, that was probably the worst debate performance in the history of presidential debates,” he said.

The president said that Bloomberg could “keep spending the money” but his low poll numbers “ just shows you that you can’t buy an election.”

“Boy did Pocahontas destroy him,” he said, using the nickname he made famous for her. “And look what I did to her!”

“She went out and got a test,” he said. “Remember when I said I have more Indian blood in me than she does, and I have none — would love to have some, but I have none.”

“He didn’t know what hit him,” Trump said of Bloomberg’s dumbfounded response to her attack. “He’s going, ‘Oh get me off of this stage.’”

But the hilarious part came when the president squatted behind the podium, mocking Bloomberg’s height, and said “Get me off! Get me off of this stage!”

“Trump just REKT Bloomberg by slowly shrinking to his height until he disappeared behind the podium,” Caleb Hull said.

“Every once in a while we’re reminded that donald trump is truly an incredible performer capable of bringing down the house. history will, i believe, remember his charisma as well as his controversies,” J.D. Durkin said.

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