Fox News Host Delivers Emotional Goodbye, The Reason Is Heartbreaking

A prominent and well-know Fox News host delivered an emotional goodbye on Sunday and the reason is absolutely heartbreaking. 

Network host Ed Henry announced over the weekend that he was taking a leave of absence to donate part of his liver to his ailing younger sister Colleen.

In an emotional op-ed for Fox News, Henry opened out about his decision to take months off from work to help his sister, whose life could be seriously impacted if she does not have a successful liver transplant.

“I was praying to God for the strength to get me across the finish line. But as with any mission like this, I could not do it alone. My wife Shirley has been a rock, and my two children have shown courage far beyond their years all because they want to see their aunt get healthy, while our parents have always been such loving role models for Collen and me,” Henry wrote.

“My sister is humble, never wants to be a burden, and always tries to shoulder as much as she can on her own. So we both cried as I tried to tell her to sit back and let me take care of her this one time,” he continued.

Henry rounded out his piece by mentioning a text his sister sent him when he asked if he could discuss the story on-air.

“As for Colleen, she was a little hesitant at first about me sharing the story on Fox News. But then she texted that while she wanted to hold back on speaking publicly herself for now so that she can rightly focus on the surgery ahead, she wanted me to talk about it,” he wrote.

“‘It is truly a heartwarming story about the love & bond between a brother & sister,'” she texted him.

“And here I thought I was the talented writer in the family. Yet again, my sister blew me away with her ability to rise to the occasion at a trying time, and she reminded me exactly why I am willing to do whatever is humanly possible to make her feel even a little bit better,” Henry concluded.

Below is a clip of Henry announcing the news on-air, where he was fighting back tears:

As for the Fox host, he’s certainly making an incredible sacrifice to help his younger sister.

During a segment Sunday on Fox & Friends, Henry brought on his friend and doctor who will be performing the operation.

Dr. Joe Galati works at Liver Specialists of Texas and attended St. George’s University School of Medicine and spoke about how Henry will be undergoing a serious surgery to help his sister.

“Well Ed, first I want to say, this is — your donation is probably the ultimate altruistic act of selflessness to help your sister,” Galati said. “I’m truly honored to be part of this discussion here with you here today and the transplant journey for your sister.”

Galati also told Henry to focus on his mental health to help with his body recovering.

“You have to picture yourself that you’re going to get well first of all,” he said. “Your digestive tract is going to be a bit messed up. You’re going to have trouble with nausea and your bowels aren’t’ going to move but you have to force yourself to eat — to try to eat and take liquids … You’re going to be on your back for a day or so.”

Henry said his faith in God as well as the support of his family, friends, and co-workers has given him the strength to do this for his sister.

“But you know, the amazing thing is through God’s grace I can help, and I’m going to help. And she’s going to be great, as so will I, and Fox has been absolutely amazing,” Henry said.

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