Fox News Management Forbids Hosts From Saying This 1 Thing On Air

There’s currently a major controversy brewing over whether or not to reveal the name of the so-called whistleblower who filed a complaint in August about President Donald Trump’s July 25th phone call with the Ukrainian president.

While Democrats and the left-leaning media have gone nuts over the idea of releasing the name of the whistleblower — apparently Fox News agrees with trampling on the First Amendment.

A new report from CNN Business states that Fox News Channel management ordered network hosts to refrain from using the alleged name of the so-called “whistleblower” on air.

On October 31, an unnamed executive emailed staff that the network had not “independently confirmed [the] name or identification of the anonymous whistleblower” and advised to “NOT fulfill any video or graphic requests” in connection to the so-called “whistleblower’s” identity, according to CNN Business.

The new demand to staff apparently includes the network’s most-high profile hosts, such as Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Last Friday, Pirro suggested that hosts were to follow the guidelines, telling viewers that she and other employees “apparently can’t say Ciaramella’s name.”

On Monday, Hannity said he “confirmed independently” the so-called “whistleblower’s” name, though he declined to say it on air.

“You know what, I will play the game for a little bit,” he told viewers. “I will take the lawyers’ threats that they’re going to sue me; it wouldn’t go anywhere.”

Ironically enough, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff accidentally released the name of the alleged whistleblower.

On Tuesday, Schiff released the transcript of the committee’s interview with top U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor.

But he forgot to redact the name of the man many believe to be the whistleblower: Eric Ciaramella.

Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson shared a screenshot of the transcript:

Democrats are putting pretty much all of their faith into the “whistleblower” and hoping he will give them ammunition to take down the president.

Late last month, bombshell report from Real Clear Investigations alleges that the whistleblower is Ciaramella.

Below are some quick facts on Ciaramella from the explosive report:

  • Registered Democrat
  • Worked for President Obama
  • Worked with Vice President Joe Biden
  • Worked for CIA Director John Brennan
  • Vocal critic of President Trump
  • Helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation hoax
  • Was fired from the National Security Council in 2017 for leaks, and returned to the CIA

In recent weeks, we have learned a lot about this so-called whistleblower.

Almost everything he alleged in his complaint has been proven to be totally false.

He filed a complaint about a call that he never heard, and Democrats want Trump impeached over a call that they also never heard.

The Office of Intelligence Community Inspector General launched an internal investigation after the complaint and found that Ciaramella had a “political bias” in favor of one of Trump’s rivals in the 2020 presidential election.

We now know that person is Joe Biden, meaning Ciaramella is a major supporter of Biden’s 2020 campaign to defeat Trump.

We know the “whistleblower” is nothing more than a partisan hack trying to take down the president — and apparently Fox News hosts aren’t allowed to say his name on air.

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